How well do you know Don Knotts movies?

Fill in the wacky words missing from these titles!

In 1965, Don Knotts left The Andy Griffith Show to fully pursue his movie career. It was a tough decision and Mayberry sure missed Barney (though he did pop in a few times afterward). 

Knotts delivered laughs on the big screen again and again, often playing a timid goofball. He made many memorable comedies over the course of three decades.

Let's see how you remember them. Fill in the word missing from the title. Good luck!
  1. His first big headlining role came in 1964 with a mix of animation and live-action. The movie was 'The Incredible Mr. _______?'
  2. Knotts then signed a five-picture deal with Universal. His first movie for the studio was 'The Ghost and Mr. _______?'
  3. Next, he went to outer space in 'The _______ Astronaut?'
  4. Next, he went to the Wild West for the comedy 'The ________ Gun in the West?'
  5. The following year, Knotts made his final film of the 1960s. He played Abner Audubon Peacock in 'The Love _______?'
  6. Knotts wrapped up his Universal contract in 1971 with 'How to Frame a ______?'
  7. Knotts then went to Disney to team with Tim Conway in the beloved family comedy 'The ______ Dumpling Gang?'
  8. In 1978, Knotts made a Disney Western titled 'Hot ______ & Cold Feet?'
  9. Knotts re-teamed with Conway for a 1980 mystery comedy called 'The ______ Eyes?'
  10. Knotts' last live-action appearance in a big-screen movie came in the nostalgic 1998 fantasy drama '______ville?'
How well do you know Don Knotts movies?

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