How well do you know the Season 1 opening credits to The A-Team?

Though it's just the introduction to the show, there's no shortage of action in The A-Team opening credits! How well do you know them?


Explosions, eluding authority and firepower, paired with the resilient theme song are all elements that make up The A-Team opening credits. 

It was the first look at the soldiers of fortune and a sure-fire way to see what The A-Team TV show was going to be: Loud, violent and action-packed!

From sequencing images to the monologue script, not much changed during the opening credits in season one. 

How well do you know the opening credits from the LA underground? Take this season one opening credits quiz and find out! 

  1. Of the three images below, which appears first in the opening credits?
  2. Is the A-Team van in the opening credits during the first season?
  3. Who is the second main character to be introduced in the opening credits, after Hannibal is first?
  4. Who says the first word in the opening credits?
  5. Later changed to, ''in 1972,'' how many years ago was the crack commando unit sent to prison, as stated in the opening credits of season one?
  6. Who produced the theme song in the opening credits?
  7. Narrator John Ashley says the only lines in the opening credits. Fill in the blank: ''These men promptly escaped from a ________ to the Los Angeles underground''
  8. Of the images below, which one is shown last in the opening credits?
  9. Which credit introduction of Dirk Benedict is from season one?
  10. ''And Mr. T as B.A. Baracus'' appears on screen in which of the following pictures?

How well do you know the Season 1 opening credits to The A-Team?

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Tasha2003 24 months ago
10/10. That’s why they call me “Butter”. Because I am on a roll!!
Coldnorth Tasha2003 24 months ago
Haha never heard that one before
Kd55 25 months ago
5/10. I was a big fan actually met mr. T in person. “I pity da fool.”
DeannaT 25 months ago
5/10 when It 1st aired I thought lol this is for boys! But I got into it when the reruns came out.
Mark 25 months ago
So I got 5 out of 10. Guess the ole memory box needs ajustments.
nightshade 25 months ago
9 out of 10 and i havent watched the show since I was 13 maybe
mpatrick 25 months ago
7 out of 10. All guesses, because I NEVER watched that show.
Steve2021 25 months ago
I Pity the fool who gets these quiz questions wrong !
TSeym22 25 months ago
8/10 Also missed 7 and 9. Seems a common theme.
Hollie 25 months ago
0/10 i hate this show and the faster it makes it to the 3am slot the better
Catman 25 months ago
another failure!
I'm on a roll, kids, like a ham sandwich.
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