How well do you remember the series finale of Adam-12?

The two-part series finale has no shortage of drama, action and unanswered questions.

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Adam-12 came to a close with questions about the future regarding officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy. 

In the two-part series finale "Something Worth Dying For," Reed is dealing with troubles at home surrounding his career, causing him to take a slight pause from patroling the streets of Los Angeles with his partner Malloy. 

The iconic police drama came to a close after seven seasons. 

How well do you remember the details of the final episode?

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  1. What is the name of this person, who is arrested for being under the influence and possession.
  2. Why does this man say the arrest won't stick in court?
  3. Reed is set for on-the-job training on the narcotics team. How long is the training session, for which he is told "don't shave"?
  4. Reed looks for a couple of "rip-off artists" working the area. He looks to a former convict for help finding Rudolph Clayton, also known as....
  5. After the police execute a search warrant at a house, gunfire breaks out. Who is hit?
  6. Reed and Malloy enter a warehouse and are fired upon by a young couple. What is in the warehouse?
  7. The young couple broke in for money. What did they want it for?
  8. After responding to a call made by this woman earlier in the episode, Reed and Malloy return to her school to investigate...
  9. What potential exam is Reed thinking of taking?
  10. At the end of the series, what award does Reed receive?

How well do you remember the series finale of Adam-12?

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