How well do you remember the time Hawkeye had a concussion?

Hawkeye talked about anything and everything to keep himself awake in this experimental episode of M*A*S*H.

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M*A*S*H wasn't afraid to push the boundaries of television from time to time. Whether it be less-frequent use of a laugh track, an episode in black and white or gut-wrenching storylines, fans never knew what angle the series would take on a weekly basis. 

One experimental episode was season four's"Hawkeye." In it, Alan Alda steals the show. Literally. 

He is featured throughout the episode, with hardly any mention of any other main characters. While driving in his Jeep, he crashes and sustains a concussion. Nervous about falling alsleep with this self-diagnosis, he talks to a Korean family that takes him in, though they don't understand him, nor does he understand them. 

It's a great performance from Alda, one that sees Hawkeye ramble on his own for the entire episode, resulting in funny moments and classic Hawkeye one-liners. 

How well do you remember the M*A*S*H episode "Hawkeye?"

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  1. What causes Hawkeye to go off the road in his Jeep?
  2. Finish this line from a concussed Hawkeye: "I have eight bones in my head, you do too it's not just because I make $____ a month."
  3. Hawkeye says, "You'd laugh if I told you what I have a taste for right now." What does he have a taste for?
  4. Hawkeye doesn't hesitate when he's offered a drink from the family housing him. What does he say after taking a swig and nearly coughs it up?
  5. What does Hawkeye give the children as a present?
  6. What is Hawkeye referring to when he says, "They look like little hairless mice?"
  7. Near the end of the episode, why does the family begin clapping for Hawkeye?
  8. When Hawkeye hears the horn of a Jeep, who from the 4077th does he yell for?
  9. What other main character shows up at the end of the episode?
  10. What is the one present Hawkeye DOES NOT give to the family upon his return at the end of the episode?

How well do you remember the time Hawkeye had a concussion?

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JHP 13 months ago
5/10 shulda done a whole lot better
JeffPaul76 13 months ago
I got 6 out of 10. ---I got 1, 2, 6 and 10 wrong.
lmahabhashyam 13 months ago
10/10 M*A*S*H I always get right The greatest show ever.
Tim 13 months ago
I'm a Mash fan, but that episode is one that will get me to turn the channel every time. No comedy, just anxious annoying overbaked and all together too much...whatever it was.
VernaS 13 months ago
8/10 How did I do it? I bought all episodes, and I skip that episode every time it comes up.
epickett 13 months ago
10/10. If it hadn't just been on earlier this week I probably would have missed a couple.
DZee 13 months ago
Absolutely hate that episode. Hawkeye was so annoying.
Henderson DZee 13 months ago
I hate MASH, never watch it. Hawkeye was annoying and arrogant.
JHP Henderson 13 months ago
and you came to this topic 4 what?

I know you were named after Sally Rogers cat
Moverfan JHP 7 months ago
Or maybe the guy Bob Saget used to mention on America's Funniest Home Videos (usually clips sent by the military)--"Ohhh, Henderson...!"
DylanSelf 13 months ago
This was a really stupid episode that NEVER should have been made!
Maverick66 13 months ago
5/10. Missed watching it last night or I'd have had a perfect score. 😁
CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
I thought I was on my way to a perfect score with the first four, but then I got the rest of them right.
Sway 13 months ago
8/10. I remember this episode, how much I disliked it, wouldn’t watch it again.
Coldnorth Sway 13 months ago
I didn’t like it either. One man show Hawkeye
Rob 13 months ago
This is my least favorite episode. Too much Hawkeye and no other main characters.
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