How well do you remember Col. Henry Blake's final episode of M*A*S*H, ''Abyssinia, Henry''?

McLean Stevenson's character of Henry Blake was undoubtedly a beloved one. That's why his final episode on the show was so emotional.

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The season three finale of M*A*S*H is one of the most memorable, dramatic, gut-wrenching and emotional episodes of the entire series. 

It's the final time fans saw Col. Henry Blake, played by McLean Stevenson, on the show. 

The natural progression of the episode initially left fans happy for the fictional character as he's set to be discharged from the M*A*S*H 4077th, but by episode's end, the earth-shattering twist caught viewers off guard. 

Blake's departure and how it was executed was so dramatic, most of the cast didn't learn of his fate until the scene was shot. 

"Abyssinia, Henry" is an episode that any true M*A*S*H fan will never forget. 

Put your knowledge of this all-time M*A*S*H episode to the test with our quiz below. (Spoilers!)

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  1. What hymn does Father Mulcahy hum in the opening operating room scene?
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  2. Who initially informs Col. Blake he is heading home?
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  3. When Henry learns that he is bound for home, he calls his wife. What is her name?
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  4. On the same call, it's revealed someone has been wearing Henry's suits back in the States while he's been gone. Who was it?
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  5. How does Hawkeye express his goodbye to Col. Blake?
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  6. Col. Blake helps Klinger with his latest outfit before he leaves. What does he help with?
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  7. After, Klinger asks Blake to carry a picture of him in his wallet. What dress is he wearing in the image?
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  8. Hawkeye whispers into Col. Blake's ear before he leaves. What happens next?
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  9. What does Col. Blake tell Radar before they hug goodbye?
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  10. What happens after Radar informs the M*A*S*H 4077th of Col. Blake's fatal plane crash?
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How well do you remember Col. Henry Blake's final episode of M*A*S*H, ''Abyssinia, Henry''?

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bukhrn 2 days ago
10/10 My favorite series, The first 3 seasons are the best.
msciresi 8 days ago
Hello Larry was absolutely awful and maybe because people couldn’t accept the fact he was Henry Blake. I remember at the time thinking that it was a huge mistake. Yes, that episode was so powerful, to this day it’s hard to watch and not well up.
Lillyrose 9 days ago
7 out of 10. That was a sad episode. It's too bad that Henry and Trapper left. The show was still good after they left, but not as good. Definitely not as funny.
I have heard that on a Cher variety show, Henry Blake was on a rowboat saying, "I'm OK! I'm OK!" So I like to think that he survived. I have not seen Mclean Stevenson or Wayne Rogers (except in Murder, She Wrote") in anything else, but they were absolutely hilarious in MASH!
ma2lyssa 9 days ago
I recently read that it's a frequently perpetuated myth that the cast didn't know of Blake's fate until the scene was shot. Has anyone else heard this?
Lillyrose ma2lyssa 9 days ago
I've heard that, too.
sagafrat69 ma2lyssa 9 days ago
The cast and crew filmed the scene with Blake leaving on a helicopter. Everyone thought it was a wrap when Larry Gelbart told then there was one last scene to finish and handed them the paper detailing the operating room scene when Radar comes in. The only actor that knew beforehand was Alda. Gelbart didn't want the actors to know about that last scene until the end of production for fear it would affect their performances when filming the episode. They say Mac was very upset when he found out his character's fate and went back to his trailer. Lots of drama behind the scenes.
sagafrat69 10 days ago
The very first time I saw the episode in the late'70s I was not happy with the ending. After a day or two of thinking about it I realized what the writers were trying to show the audience. Brilliant. The episode is a reminder that there are a lot of Henry Blakes that don't come home from war. They're not just numbers or statistics that we read about. They are people whose lives were cut way to short way to soon. People we got to know somewhat through a television screen. Probably the most significant episode of the series.
DawnieRotten 10 days ago
9/10 I cry every time that I see this epi; even teared up reading the last question.
ClassicTVRocks 11 days ago
8/10 I think that was one of the Best episodes ever in the History of MASH... Made Me Cry!!!
sagafrat69 12 days ago
10/10. The episode was also Trapper John's last. I've wondered if Roger's knew he was leaving when the episode was filmed or if the behind the scenes drama occurred after season was over. Very sad episode because we know we're about to get 8 seasons of Potter and salt of the earth, just a really swell guy Beeg Hunnicut. Not the kind of comedy Blake and Trap provided. Season 4 is considered to be the best season of the series. Also the last season of Gelbart. The show might of stayed fresher in the later years if they had more cast changes every four to five years. It's a shame they didn't make those changes willingly instead of actors who just chose to leave.
NickG 12 days ago
10 of 10. Very poignant episode. Very well done.
JHP 12 days ago
5/10 - that says it all for me remembering about that ep - still cant watch it (rather watch mama's family)
BenSobeleone 13 days ago
Nice that they had a montage of scenes of Henry at the end of the episode right before the end credits.
Bigwheel1 13 days ago
9/10 the same score from two months ago 📺 😢
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