If you were in Mayberry for a day, what would you do?

Pack your bags, because you're spending 24 hours in Mayberry!

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There was no way to spend a day in Mayberry since the town was fictional, but in this quiz, you can imagine you could! You've been invited to spend 24 hours in the loveable town, but you must answer these random questions to see what you'll be doing and which Mayberry resident you'll be with.

Let us know how you feel about your result!

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  1. Which of these episodes is your favorite?
  2. Which Aunt Bee food/snack would you try?
  3. How would you travel to Mayberry?
  4. What would you wear?
  5. Which of Andy's girlfriends was your favorite?
  6. Out of the options, which season of The Andy Griffith Show was your favorite?
  7. If Barney wasn't a deputy, what else do you think he could be?
  8. Which was your favorite recurring character?
  9. What type of gift would you bring on your visit?
  10. Would you try to live in Mayberry after your visit is over?

If you were in Mayberry for a day, what would you do?

Your Result...

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mbar321 7 months ago
I have always wanted to have a meal at Snappy Lunch and dinner at the Mayberry Diner.
BenSobeleone 8 months ago
I'd go home, take a little nap, go over to Thelma Lou's and watch a little tv. Yep, that's the plan.
JFauset 11 months ago
I would go to the Drug Store, sit at soda fountain, and have as many Ice Cream treats as I could stomach. Maybe start with the Banana Split... 😀
RobertK 11 months ago
I'll be patrolling the streets with Barney. Not what I figured I'd be doing. He's an alright guy, but I'd be afraid I'd get accidentally shot or something. He gets a bit clumsy when he's nervous...
Coldnorth RobertK 8 months ago
You could hold his one bullet, just to be safe
MikefromJersey 12 months ago
"After hitting every bar in Raleigh with Otis, you arrive in Mayberry riding his cow with the Fun Girls.
That night you score a date with both Millie at the bakery and Juanita as what happens in Mayberry,
stays in Mayberry. Mayberry: Party Town USA."

Gee whiz, all I wanted to do was get a malted at the Drug Store from Miss Ellie and a haircut
at Floyd's while Goober Pyle fixed my car.
Mayberry is too wild for me, maybe the Cleavers will put me up.
MikefromJersey 12 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Mob39 12 months ago
You'll be patrolling the streets with Barney!

Barney wants you to be his sidekick to help
BrianThetubewatcher 12 months ago
I went to Mt. Airy in 1990. Loved it. In some ways it was just like Mayberry. In some ways not.
FLETCH 12 months ago
You'll be on a double date with Andy and Helen!
Finnley 12 months ago
I would definitely not go on a double date with Andy and Helen! Just the thought of them having a real affair makes me sick!🤢
Coldnorth Finnley 12 months ago
I’ve been that shade of green a few times. It’s called having a hangover
WilliamHogan 12 months ago
I only live 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Mayberry(Mount. Airy).
Pacificsun 12 months ago
What a cute quiz in terms of how the results are being phrased!
JDWJDW2 12 months ago
This was just a fun piece of fluff for me to do.
VirginiaNoyes 12 months ago
I will be cooking in the kitchen with Aunt Bea!
paulie266 12 months ago
it said i'd be running hooch to mount pilot
Charlotte 13 months ago
Patrolling the streets would be a hoot with Barney. I can see that sneer on his lips while he's playing up the town. What the heck were they thinking when Andy wanted Helen. Was he blind!! Barney did better with Thelma Lou, lol!
TSeym22 13 months ago
You'll be on a double date with Andy and Helen!

Hmmm . . .
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