Which of these things did not happen on the Beverly Hillbillies episode ''The Giant Jackrabbit''

Granny sees something that no one else does, but a lot of people have seen this episode!

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This hilarious Beverly Hillbillies clip comes from one of the most-watched episodes in TV history!
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Have you ever thought about the most-watched television show episodes in history? Well, one belongs to The Beverly Hillbillies! The episode "The Giant Jackrabbit" is one of the most watched, and if you haven't seen it... you need to!

If you have, this quiz is perfect for you! Do you remember what happened in that hilarious episode? Test your knowledge because we want to know which things did NOT happen!

Good luck! 

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  1. In the beginning of the episode, Jethro is trying to get duke to fetch them some food.
  2. Jed and Granny called Beverly Caterers (who they thought was the name of a woman) to cook for them because Granny didn't feel like cooking.
  3. A bird opened the icebox and stole the last of Granny's pickled "paw-paws."
  4. After misunderstanding the catering company, Granny sent Jethro to hunt for food and she sung about rabbit stew.
  5. Granny mistakes a giraffe for a jackrabbit.
  6. One of Elly May's pets pushed Granny into a door, causing her glasses to break.
  7. The woman who works for Beverly Caterers came to apologize for losing her temper over the phone.
  8. Jed finally saw the kangaroo (jackrabbit).
  9. Granny fought the kangaroo, which she kept calling a jackrabbit.
  10. Jed and Elly May got caught in the trap made for the "giant jackrabbit.''

Which of these things did not happen on the Beverly Hillbillies episode ''The Giant Jackrabbit''

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Ready2go 11 months ago
4/10. I'm headed for the CEEEEment pond!
dbalius 11 months ago
The Granny that fought the kangaroo was obviously a stand-in. A rare occasion in the series when it was so obvious.
frenchman71 11 months ago
8/10. There were a lot more episodes of BH that I liked a lot more. Though this was a good one.
JeffPaul76 11 months ago
"Here's the moment of truth. You got 6 out of 10" ---- "Granny wants you to hunt for a better score. Try again!
MrPerfect 11 months ago
10/10. Easier than falling in a "cement" pond.
daDoctah 11 months ago
8/10. Wasn't there also a later story arc where Granny decides a baby hippo is the biggest hog she's ever seen, whereupon Mr Drysdale tries to pass off a baby elephant as a "long-nosed calf"?
cperrynaples daDoctah 11 months ago
Well, Granny didn't understand jungle animals like Elly May did! She only knew the ones she cooked...LOL!
vinman63 daDoctah 11 months ago
Supposedly the Hippo took a dump in the cement pond during one of the takes.
cperrynaples vinman63 11 months ago
Well, I'm sure they cleaned it the same way the pool in Caddyshack was after the girl dropped the Baby Ruth in! Bill Murray eating it is one of the bigger laughs in the movie!
RobertK cperrynaples 11 months ago
I also loved the "Jaws" music playing for the floating Baby Ruth!
cperrynaples 11 months ago
BTW, it is very easy to find this episode online as this is one of many early episodes that slipped into the public domain wormhole!
cperrynaples 11 months ago
8/10! Missed 6 & 8! And show respect for Duke by capitalizing his name! Fun Facts: 4 was sung to the melody of the theme song! Also, part of the reason the audience was so big is that it ran after LBJ's first State of The Union speech!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 11 months ago
PS I believe in another episode she sung about having a Hullabaloo, kinda shocking because that was another network...LOL!
Big3Fan 11 months ago
Not too hoppy. Only a six. 🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘
Coldnorth Big3Fan 7 months ago
Teee heee
CaptainDunsel 11 months ago
I hopped to a couple of wrong guesses on #6 and #10.
Coldnorth 11 months ago
7/10. That episode really made me laugh. Those animals were so well trained.
jpdirisio13 11 months ago
cperrynaples jpdirisio13 11 months ago
Alfred E. T---p! LOVE IT! I have the issue where Master Newman pukes into a MAGA cap...LOL!
McGillahooala 11 months ago
9/10. Would have been 10 if not for a finger slip.
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