Is this Don Knotts behind these knots or not?

Try not to get it twisted.

Do you know not what's behind these knots? 

To be Don Knotts or not to be Don Knotts, that's what this quiz asks!

Try to guess whether the person behind the knot is Don Knotts or not, got it?

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  1. Who is this in the flowery hat?
  2. Who is this sitting with Andy Griffith?
  3. Who is shaking hands with Floyd the Barber?
  4. Who is reading up on their martial arts?
  5. Who is the man in the bowtie?
  6. Who is that sitting in the middle?
  7. Who is this TV repairman?
  8. Who is this with John Ritter?
  9. Who is wearing all that motorcycle gear?
  10. Who is that talking to Andy?
  11. Who is that riding in the passenger seat?
  12. Who is that next to Tim Conway?
  13. Who is that on 'Three's Company'?
  14. Who is this on 'Three's Company'?
  15. Who is that behind Andy and Aunt Bee?
  16. Who is this next to Goober?
  17. Who is this on 'Fantasy Island'?

Is this Don Knotts behind these knots or not?

Your Result...

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MikefromJersey 4 days ago
Did anyone else notice that on the Mayberry RFD episode where Millie goes to NYC to model,
the blonde babe sitting on Sam's chair at a party, flirting with him, is a very young Farrah Fawcett?
She looks like she is barely out of high school. Maybe her first role?
Josephharrington 14 days ago
16 of 17, did not know the fantasy island one.
MikefromJersey 15 days ago
16 for 17. Mrs. Mendlebright would be proud.
If the schedule holds, it looks like on this Tuesday, May 19 at 6:30 MeTV will run the infamous "Rip Van Flintstone" episode. This is the one where the naughty cartoonists repeatedly put naked paintings of women both in the entrance hall and interior of Barney's mansion.
Shhh, don't tell MeTV honchos lest they yank it off the air.
DavidBarker 15 days ago
You got 15 out of 17
You really roped that quiz! Nice job!
AgingDisgracefully 16 days ago
Re: #9. It was common knowledge that Don used to enjoy racing with the wind and the feeling he was under.
RonHubbs 16 days ago
16/17 I missed the TV repairman
lsnorafan1 16 days ago
17/17 I know me some Don Knotts!!
MrBill 16 days ago
16/17; missed the judo question
Catman 18 days ago
Relying mostly on body language and visible costumes, I got 13/17.
Jeffrey 18 days ago
#9 "dont wear my hat Ange" "dont wear my hat my mother was the same way"
(his dad must a been a house plant)

I wish Aunt Bee's idea woulda went through...

but I'm telling you when andy and barney come out of the courthouse for their ride (un official to the diner which barney seems to approve) and barney takes off in the oh man I still laugh at it
Jeffrey 18 days ago
Don Knott(head) the three's company ?s were pretty tough...who in the name of Alfred Hitchcock were those yaa-hoos?!?
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