Mel Blanc voiced a parrot in a unique episode of Perry Mason, how well do you remember the pet?

This parrot was one of several birds Blanc voiced in live-action television.

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Image: The Everett Collection

In the cartoon and voice-acting world, the name Mel Blanc speaks for itself. 

He impressed no matter what character he was portraying in cartoons or on live-action television, in which he voiced several characters. 

In a few of those performances, Blanc voices a parrot, including one that plays a pivotal role in a unique episode of Perry Mason. In "The Case of the Perjured Parrot," the Blanc-voiced bird is essentially put on the stand! The parrot has a few key lines and a memorable name. 

How well do you know this classic TV parrot, appearing in a fan-favorite episode of Perry Mason, that happend to be voiced by one of the best voice over artists of all time? 

Take this quiz and tell us your score in the comments!

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  1. What is the name of the parrot that is voiced by Mel Blanc?
  2. What was the name of his owner?
  3. What does the voice of Blanc respond with, when the owner asks, "Are you a lazy bird?"
  4. When the parrot is found squawking near the dead body of its owner, what is it saying?
  5. When Perry is set to leave the scene of the crime, he shakes hands with the sheriff. The parrot, not for the first time says "It was nice of you to come _____"
  6. This episode isn't in the traditional Los Angeles courthouse, but takes place in the town of...
  7. While in court, the parrot offers some comedic relief to the jurors. Finish this line of the parrot voiced by Mel Blanc. "I'll have a ______"
  8. What happens when Mrs. Sabin places her finger in the parrot's cage during the courtroom session?

Mel Blanc voiced a parrot in a unique episode of Perry Mason, how well do you remember the pet?

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