Name that Muppet song!

Time to meet the Muppets!


We love those freaky little Muppets because they're quirky, fun, and musically inclined! Any seasoned Muppets fan should be able to take this quiz in stride. We'll give you a song lyric, and it's your job to guess what original Muppet song it's from!

  1. "So now let's get things started. Why don't you get things started?"
  2. "You can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em. There's something irresistible-ish about 'em."
  3. "When the mainsail's set and the anchor's weighed, there's no turning back from any course that's laid."
  4. "Let me take your picture, add it to the mixture, there it is I got you now."
  5. "You're in my heart, so until then...want to smile, want to cry."
  6. "It's not starting over, it's just going on!"
  7. "Hey, ho, we'll go Anywhere the wind is blowing."
  8. "I'll be the cutest model you ever saw then I think I'll study criminal law."
  9. "Who said that every wish would be heard and answered when wished on the morning star?"
  10. "Opportunity knocks once let's reach out and grab it together we'll nab it."

Name that Muppet song!

Your Result...

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WilliamJorns 11 days ago
7 out of 10 right. I mostly guessed.
Ratt1959 12 days ago
6/10 been a long time since I watched any Muppet movies. I'll have to dig them out.
Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, Rocked!
ElizabethBoop 12 days ago
9/10. Can anybody name *any* lyrics other than the title from Mah Na Mah Na?
gockionni ElizabethBoop 12 days ago
Do doo be do do
FestusFan2312 13 days ago
10/10. I can’t believe some of the lower scores. Jazz and the Muppets are the greatest contributions to humanity the United States has ever given.
FLETCH 13 days ago
I gave up after the 2nd question.
KJExpress 14 days ago
8/10. I watched the Muppet TV show and various Muppet specials, but never saw any of the movies.
MrsPhilHarris 14 days ago
6/10 The only one I knew was Rainbow Connection.
James9 14 days ago
5/10. Never really watched The Muppets that much.
CaptainDunsel 14 days ago
Now I know what it's like to plummet... just once.
Adamtwelvia 14 days ago
Love the Muppets! Just saw the rerelease of The Muppet Movie this Sunday!
justjeff 14 days ago
5/10 - lots of guessing because I'm not "up" on Muppet movies...
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