Pick a candy cane flavor and we'll tell you which Christmas episode you should watch

It's raining candy canes and classic Christmas episodes.


Do you remember being a kid eager to help put up the Christmas tree with your family? For many people, their favorite part was putting the star at the top of the tree or sticking candy canes on them.

Candy canes became a Christmas tree ornament around the mid-1800s. Supposedly, the first known candy canes were only white and didn't have red stripes until the 20th century and were flavored with peppermint.

Now, there are a variety of flavors to choose from, especially fruit flavors created by brands like Starburst, Skittles, Jolly Rancher and more.

Take this quiz, and you'll see what Christmas TV episode you should watch based on your favorite flavor.

  1. Pick your favorite candy cane flavor and we'll tell you which classic Christmas episode you should watch

Pick a candy cane flavor and we'll tell you which Christmas episode you should watch

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Kid 6 months ago
It’s Peppermint and the Adams Family !!! 🙂❤️
braycy 18 months ago
Everyone knows candy canes are eaten only after all the cookies are gone!
I chose peaches flavor & they gave me Happy Days Christmas, maybe they're right...cuz if nothing else is on, I'll watch Happy Days
JHP 18 months ago
peppermint - am very missionary when it comes to Xmas candy
Runeshaper 18 months ago
You got The Addams Family - "Christmas with the Addams Family"
They might be spooky, but who said they couldn't be jolly sometimes?

BrianMoore 18 months ago
Wanted: Dead or Alive - "Eight Cent Reward"
Steve2021 18 months ago
Any diabetic person should say that Christmas is the sentence of death.
Peter_Falk_Fan 18 months ago
Green Apple. You got "WKRP in Cincinnati" (corrected spelling) - 'Jennifer's Home for Christmas'. Great episode. I don't usually eat candy canes. I like the A&W candy canes, though.

When I was a kid, my parents always bought Old Fashioned hard and filled Christmas candy instead of candy canes. I loved the filled ones. Now and then, I'll get some.
Hollie Peter_Falk_Fan 18 months ago
i loved these my grandprents always always had a dish of these around at holiday time
Coldnorth Peter_Falk_Fan 18 months ago
I loved the peanut ones. They would hurt your taste buds if you tried to lick the filling out. Brings out nice memories of Christmas’s when I had so many family members
JHP Peter_Falk_Fan 18 months ago
that screenshot takes me back to my -10 year old life - those were super good candies
RobertK Peter_Falk_Fan 18 months ago
I remember those hard candy cherries on the wire. We would hang them on the tree but some of them never made it there! I haven't seen these in years, except as plastic ornaments. Maybe today's safety issues, concerning the metal wire, may have deemed them a hazard.
RobertK 18 months ago
I just like good old Peppermint! Honestly, I haven't seen the Addams Family Christmas episode, probably since it first aired on TV! After this quiz, and METV suggested I watch it, I'm going to watch it again!!!
Wendy57 18 months ago
Christmas with the Addams family.
Uncle Fester could help with the lights
for sure. 🎄
KJExpress 18 months ago
I'm shipping out on The Love Boat. I almost picked cherry, but orange won out. BTW, I've never had a candy cane that wasn't peppermint-flavored.
MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
Peppermint sends me over to the Addams Family.
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
Be careful! 😲
Pacificsun 18 months ago
I don't know how a Tangerine got me to the Love Boat. But I'll take it!
Sway 18 months ago
Peppermint... Addams Family...OK!
AllisonWunderland 18 months ago
I picked my own 🤭 Peaches N’ Cream
tnminnow 18 months ago
I picked orange. The Love Boat. I don't know about that being the episode to watch. Pretty sure it would not be. 😋
Moody 18 months ago
Bonanza. Yeah, that's sounds right.
CaptainDunsel 18 months ago
Of those listed, I picked pineapple - mostly because i misread the question, and didn't see that I was supposed to pick a favorite candy CANE.
My actual favorite candy cane isn't listed. It's Butterscotch. (And I count "stick candy" and "candy cane" as the same thing - one's just bent in a hook.)

But at Christmas, I want something that's getting harder and harder to find these days...
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Pacificsun CaptainDunsel 18 months ago
Your cache might be full. You could only hope it was your cash box. 🎁 But still ... maybe signing on again would help!
CaptainDunsel Pacificsun 18 months ago
Well, actually I *can* hit it multiple times. But if I do it just toggles between like and unlike. I can't pound in dozens of likes, as I wish I could.
Pacificsun CaptainDunsel 18 months ago
Funny. Yes it does limit us to a single Like, clever as they are.

What I've always been fascinated by, is that they've never included the opposite button.

As Disqus used to play with that negative reaction. Caused quite a lot of friction, which they might've eliminated now. Of course it's a platform for which Publishers pay, so those paying the bill, are using it for a purpose!
Coldnorth CaptainDunsel 18 months ago
That ribbon candy is beautiful. Hard to eat it but very festive
Bricat2001 18 months ago
I like peppermint, chocolate, or the sweet tart flavor ones 😋
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