Pick: Do you know more classic TV characters than everybody else?

Prove you really are the ultimate classic TV fan.

Images: The Everett Collection

You know more about classic TV than anyone, right?

Prove it with this survey! Go through this list of major classic TV characters and give us your honest answer: Do you know these characters or not?

With each question, you'll find out how many others recognize the same characters you do. Then at the end, you'll find out how many or how few others are as tuned-in as you are when it comes to major players we all watched on shows from the 1950s to the 1990s!
  1. Do you know Gomer Pyle?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  2. Do you know Ben Cartwright?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  3. Do you know Arnold Jackson?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  4. Do you know Jill Munroe?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  5. Do you know Maxwell Klinger?
  6. Do you know Mary Ann Summers?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Do you know Daisy Moses?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  8. Do you know Kitty?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  9. Do you know Carla Tortelli?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  10. Do you know Frank Cannon?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  11. Do you know Anthony Fremont?
  12. Do you know Mary Stone?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  13. Do you know Louie De Palma?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  14. Do you know Florence Johnston?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  15. Do you know Cousin Oliver?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  16. Do you know Sgt. Schultz?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  17. Do you know Mrs. Wiggins?

  18. Do you know Johnny Fever?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  19. Do you know Buck Rogers?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  20. Do you know Della Street?
  21. Do you know Ernest T. Bass?
  22. Do you know Mrs. Garrett?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  23. Do you know Naomi Oates Harper?
  24. Do you know Eddie Haskell?
  25. Do you know Rowdy Yates?
    Image: The Everett Collection
Pick: Do you know more classic TV characters than everybody else?

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NoahBody 5 months ago
100% These characters are like family to me.
nerakr 5 months ago
96% similar. But the way it's set up makes it way too easy to cheat. Should've been multiple choice. And #4 is Jill, not Kris.
djw1120 nerakr 1 month ago
If you take a second look, you will see that it DOES say Jill and not Kris.
If you had noticed that you might have gotten 100%
ETristanBooth 5 months ago
96% similar. I knew all of them except the last one, although I've seen the name before.
djw1120 ETristanBooth 1 month ago
Rowdy Yates is Clint Eastwood from "Rawhide"
EllisClevenger 5 months ago
You got 100% similar
You got 100% similar to the most popular responses
DawnieRotten 5 months ago
This has to be one of the dumbest/pointless quizzes on here, ever!
jvf 5 months ago
Who doesn't know Mary Ann Summers? Apparently, a few who live on another planet!
Baldman 5 months ago
If you notice when the sixties characters came up the percentage's dropped.
Tresix 5 months ago
100%. I'm sure someone below has mentioned it, but the picture of Farrah Fawcett is of JILL Munroe. Kris was her younger sister played by Cheryl Ladd on the show.
jvf Tresix 5 months ago
Good catch!
djw1120 Tresix 1 month ago
The only problem with that is, the quiz DOES say "Jill" and not "Kris", check again.
djw1120 jvf 1 month ago
BAD catch on your part.
It DOES say Jill, not Kris.
AgingDisgracefully 5 months ago
So now the Russians know how smart I am?
cperrynaples 5 months ago
This quiz was kinda stupid since every one of them has been on MeTV! Why didn't you include more obscure shows like Mr. Lucky or Peter Gunn?
MrsPhilHarris 5 months ago
100% Usually I'm in the 60s or 70s.
gatorgirl 5 months ago
this was so ridiculous - not a quiz at all - yet i did it!
Dreamcatcher_3560 5 months ago
You have a pic of Farrah fawcett but asked about Kris Munroe. Farrah played Jill Munroe and Cheryl Ladd played sister Kris.
jvf Dreamcatcher_3560 5 months ago
Good catch!
djw1120 jvf 1 month ago
AGAIN! BAD CATCH! The quiz DOES say Jill Munroe, not Kris.
Get your eyes checked.
richardkel 5 months ago
100% similar. Too easy as yes or no questions. Also, some of the characters were on more than one show. For example, Gomer Pyle was on the Andy Griffith Show and then his own show which was a spin off from that. Edna Garret was on Diff'rent Strokes and then on the Facts of Life.
ndebrabant 5 months ago

You got 100% similar
You got 100% similar to the most popular responses
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