PICK: What was the best decade for being a kid?

Does your childhood belong in the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s or '90s?

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We are all nostalgic for different eras — and not necessarily the ones in which we grew up. Movies, television and memories have a funny way of doing that to us. 

Whether you are a Boomer, a Gen-Xer or a Millennial, you had some wonderful elements to your youth. But which decade would have been best suited for you?

Answer these deeply scientific (disclaimer: that is a joke) questions about candy, toys, bikes and shoes and find out! Let's settle this: Which was the coolest decade for being a kid?

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  1. Every kid needs some wheels. Which bike would be the coolest for riding around the neighborhood?
  2. So pull off a nifty trick with your bike. Which slang word is the most enjoyable way to declare that it is "awesome"?
  3. Choose a teen idol to idolize.
  4. Speaking of idols, every generation needs a boy band. Which group is the ultimate boy band?
  5. Which TV best captured teenage life?
  6. Every kid needs a cool pair of kicks. Pick some sneaks.
  7. All that jumping has made us hungry. What is the best thing to get as a kid at McDonald's?
  8. Time for some sci-fi bragging rights. What would have been the coolest movie to see the day it came out on the big screen?
  9. You can handle a little danger. Pick a banned toy to play with.
  10. Which class should they still make high school students take?
  11. Finally, it's Halloween. Which candy is the most exciting to find in your plastic pumpkin or pillowcase?

PICK: What was the best decade for being a kid?

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Keeperofpeace64 19 months ago
Definitely the 70's... the music was better and those summer days back when us kids could still play outside and would..
Remember the song " Summer Breeze " by Seals and Croft... it sure brings back great memories..
Snickers 20 months ago
Says I should be a kid of the 60's, in fact I was a kid in the 60's and it was the best time of my life.
JERRY6 25 months ago
got that right should be a kid in the 60's
Zip 25 months ago
"You should be a kid in the 1970s
Flared pants, feathered hair and funk! Far out!"

Well, I WAS a kid in the 70's. It wouldn't be the decade I would pick personally though. Hated the fashion and the music. To me the best decade to be a kid was the 80's, and I was still a kid for some of it. But really, any decade before this current one would be the best.
dafonz 26 months ago
I'm proud to say that I am a 50's kid through and through.
Peter_Falk_Fan 29 months ago
You should be a kid in the 1970s. I'll take it.
JC 29 months ago
You should be a kid in the 1970s
Flared pants, feathered hair and funk! Far out!
Absolutely 100% correct

MrBill 29 months ago
1970's; MeTV guessed correctly
Jewbelyne 32 months ago
Kid of the 70's, that's correct.
Lillyrose 32 months ago
I got 1960's. I was born in 1970.
Moverfan 33 months ago
I should have been a kid in the sixties? I WAS a kid in the sixties! And in the seventies. When you're born in 1962, that's how it works.
wess 37 months ago
70's I was a kid, but the 80's was good too 👍
AMgirl 37 months ago
I'm definitely a 70s kids (well, more of a teen in that decade), I remember kids bringing Klackers to school in the 7th grade, they were made of glass, then were taken off the market due to shattering. I had some Jackson 5 albums, considered McDonald's a treat (when mom was not feeling well or didn't feel like fixing dinner), loved watching The Brady Bunch on Friday night, and in the Teen Idol category, you missed Donny O. and David C. (and a little bit of Bobby S.!)
lyckligflicka AMgirl 30 months ago
A lot of Bobby S(herman) 😉🥰😂
Irish 37 months ago
Got the 60's. Was a kid of the 50's.
JewelsChuck 37 months ago
70’s - I actually grew up then. Lawn JARTS were awesome and they brought them back without the pointy end and made them rounded 😡
max 37 months ago
60's, we threw lawn darts at each other while eating pop-rocks and drinking soda-pop.
Snickers max 20 months ago
And that's the reason lawn darts were made illegal to sell in most of the country.
ERROL 37 months ago
You should be a kid in the 1950s!
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