Only a TV genius can answer 10/11 of these Fifties theme song questions

Will you have ''Happy Trails'' on ''The Toy Parade''?

You know a TV theme song is great when it makes the pop charts. You know it is a timeless classic when a dance version of it becomes a hit decades later.

You can find examples of both cases below, amidst some of the most memorable television tunes from the 1950s.

The Fifties were perhaps known more for instrumental themes than catchy lyrics, but they were hooky nonetheless. It takes a TV expert — and perhaps a Boomer — to ace this quiz. See if you can get through it with only one mistake.

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  1. The actual title of this theme song is "Park Avenue Beat."
  2. This Western hero rode in to the "William Tell Overture" every episode.
  3. Speaking of Westerns, which "Frank" sang the theme song to "Rawhide"?
  4. This family sitcom played "Danny Boy," appropriately.
  5. Dum-de-DUM-DUM. The Art of Noise won the 1987 Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance with their cover of this Fifties theme song.
  6. Johnny Cash sing "The Ballad of Johnny Yuma" in the opening credits for this show.
  7. The TV show used a peppy song called "The Toy Parade."
  8. Before 'The Andy Griffith Show' had America whistling, this sitcom used a whistle-filled opening theme called "Whistling Bells." Here's a glimpse at the intro.
  9. The Wilton Place Street Band scored a Top 40 hit in 1977 with a "Disco" version of this familiar theme song.
    Image: Island Records
  10. This crimes series used a song by Billy May called "Somewhere in the Night." It was one of three theme songs heard on the show over its run.
  11. We end with "Happy Trails," naturally. Which show used this sing-along?

Only a TV genius can answer 10/11 of these Fifties theme song questions

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Gracie927 7 months ago
8/11. Wow. I thought I'd get 11/11. Next time....
lyelv1937 18 months ago
I still love the old shows,good clean tv.
18 months ago
Missed "Our Miss Brooks!" I loved that show!
EllisClevenger 25 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Perry, Perry good! You did it!
VenturaCapitalist 26 months ago
Didn't know Beaver theme had a title.
Questions about junk rock band covers are lame.
MichaelNivens 27 months ago
10/11. Tough but enjoyable quiz
JewelsChuck 27 months ago
9/11...not quite! Ya think 🤔 lol
ERROL 27 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Perry, Perry good! You did it!
pay attention to credits
dekane54 27 months ago
Okay I missed three but not too bad
SashaPayneDiaz 28 months ago
8/11 Bonus Question- The Grateful Dead did a cover version of what show that currently airs on MeTV ?
Well I know they did the theme to '80's TZ which sampled the '60's theme! That version ran last year on MeTV as a subsitute for Serling TZ!
Frazelle SashaPayneDiaz 17 months ago
The Twilite Zone
28 months ago
"Better luck next time."
EllisClevenger 28 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
Not quite! Perhaps the evidence was not convincing enough. Better luck next time.
Missed #7 and #9.
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