Can you defeat this big Leave It to Beaver trivia quiz?

Gee whiz! Think you can pass this quiz?

It remains one of the most iconic sitcoms in television history. Still today "The Cleavers" remain the model of quaint suburban life. Gee, Wally, I wonder why? Probably because the characters on Leave It to Beaver were so charming.

The sitcom also made history. A primetime show that focused on kid characters was a novel idea in 1957. The show lasted six seasons and eventually led to a reunion and sequel series — The New Leave It to Beaver — in the 1980s.

Let's see how well you remember this all-American classic. Try to ace this pop quiz! Sorry, Miss Landers is not here to help you.

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  1. What is the name of the town in which the Cleavers live?
  2. The second episode, "Captain Jack," was the first episode in television history to show what?
  3. What kind of animal is "Captain Jack"?
  4. Why was the early proposed title for the show 'Wally and the Beaver' rejected?
  5. What was the name of the original pilot episode for Leave It to Beaver.
  6. The pilot originally aired as a episode of which anthology series sponsored by a food company?
  7. Speaking of food, in the most expensive episode of the series, Beaver gets stuck atop a billboard for which steaming hot product?
  8. In "My Brother's Girl," Beaver has a crush on Wally's girlfriend. Wally eventually marries her. What is her name?
  9. Beaver is in which grade at the start of the series?
  10. Beaver attends which school?
  11. Beaver has a crush on his second grade teacher. What is the name of his second grade teacher?
  12. What is the official title of the theme song to Leave It to Beaver?
  13. Brothers Stanley Fafara and Tigar Fafara both appeared as regular characters on the sitcom. Did the sibling actors play brothers on the show?
  14. What is Wally's actual first name?
  15. What is June Cleaver's maiden name?
  16. In the final episode, we finally learn why Theodore is nicknamed "Beaver." Why is that his nickname?
  17. What is the name of Beaver's elderly fireman friend?
  18. Fred Rutherford, Ward's colleague, was played by Richard Deacon, who also portrayed Mel Cooley on this sitcom.
  19. What was the name of the 1983 made-for-TV reunion movie?
  20. What significant change happened between seasons two and three?
  21. Was there a big-screen movie reboot of Leave It to Beaver in the Nineties?
  22. What is Eddie Haskell's favorite TV show?
  23. In "The Perfect Father," June intentionally gives Eddie a sandwich with this food, to which Eddie happens to be allergic. Eddie has an allergy to…?
  24. Edgar Buchanan (Petticoat Junction) played this Cleaver uncle on the show.
  25. Jerry Mathers claims he won the role of Beaver because he wore this to the casting audition.

Can you defeat this big Leave It to Beaver trivia quiz?

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Diz 5 days ago
I remember seeing a TV ad for the Beaver movie. Someone was rapping - and I lost interest.
JERRY6 6 days ago
16 of 25 , not bad considring I watched the show one in a while .Have not seen that many episodes , the eddie questions got me though i did get the woody woodpecker ashis favorite show , it just seemed right for eddie
SashaPayneDiaz 8 days ago
14/25 TERRIBLE.....there was a Beaver movie in the 90's ????
JERRY6 SashaPayneDiaz 5 days ago
must have been called forget the beaver , never heard of any 90's eaver movie
Diz 8 days ago
22/25. Started watching it during the original run and it's still one of my top 5 all-time favorite shows.
frenchman71 9 days ago
I'm embarrassed. I got 2 wrong. If there was any show I know about is "Beaver". I missed the food sponsor question and Eddie's favorite TV show. I don't remember Eddie ever saying his favorite show was Woody Woodpecker, and I own each season on DVD. And to the late Ken Osmond...R.I.P, pal.
musiclady1170 10 days ago
I love June and Ward. They have a wonderful relationship, with lots of humor.
Ward was the coolest TV dad. He rocked!!!
MadMadMadWorld 11 days ago
I love and miss the slang and great terms in the '50s and '60s that I also remembered as the Beaver, Wally, and Eddie verbalized regularly, such as "guy", "man", "flip, "ape", "little goof" (to the Beaver, usually), and so many others that are sadly no longer in style. Not to mention the wonderfully low prices of things as a milk shake (30 cents), or gasoline (22 cents/gallon), and other things when the dollar was convertible into gold, or the coinage was made of real 90% silver, instead of non-precious, base-metal copper, zinc or aluminum. That era ended starting in 1965 (Mar. 8, with regular armies and Marines landing), to finance a horrid war in some far-away, third-world country over the next 8 deadly years.
MadMadMadWorld 11 days ago
#6, 21, and 23. Did not know the pilot's sponsoring food company (Heinz 57), or the movie reboot in the '90s, or Eddie's allergy food (Mayonnaise) in "The Perfect Father" episode. I guessed tomatoes. Otherwise, the other 22 were easy for those who were big fans of the classic child-teen oriented series that was so accurate as to the troubles kids routinely could get into in those halcyon days!
GloriaFuller 11 days ago
I got 21 out of 25. RIP, Eddie Haskell
snifferdog 11 days ago
21 of 25
Edgar Buckhanan also played captain Jack in the second episode along with playing uncle Billy, if I’m not mistaken.
jerrbuc 12 days ago
22 out of 25
Haskell rules
We all knew one in school
MetzgerField 12 days ago
24 out of 25 lucky I guess! In honor of Ken Osmond, a classic Eddie Haskell quote,; “Ok Wally, why don’t you tip me off if you want me to cover for you? Look! Like I told you before Sam, we got to stick together or we’re gonna lose this Cold War against the adults.’
RoberttheWallace 12 days ago
Nailed it! Yes Indeed, one of my most favorite shows as well; and I too am saddened by Ken Osmond's passing--for his Family and Loved Ones, I grieve. He truly was a wonderful, and integral addition to the show that greatly augmented it to great heights! !
cari 12 days ago
Still one of my favorite shows. Sad to learn Ken Osmond ( Eddie) passed away.
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