Can you name all these pals of Wally and Beaver from Leave It to Beaver?

The Cleavers sure had a lot of buddies!

Leave It to Beaver was originally called It's a Small World at one point in its development. The very idea of basing a primetime television show from the perspective of children was a novel idea in 1957.

Wally and Theodore Cleaver were hardly the only adolescents in the spotlight.

The idyllic sitcom featured a large cast of young actors to play classmates, best friends, rivals and crushes. Beaver had some elder pals, too.

Gee, let's see if you remember all these minor characters. Good luck!

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  1. No, contrary to urban legend, he did not become Alice Cooper.
    Image: The Everett Collection
  2. He was a good buddy to Beaver — and had a fondness for apples.
  3. He evolved from bully to bestie.
  4. Stanley Fafara portrayed Beaver's blond classmate.
  5. Beaver had a crush on her in "My Brother's Girl." Wally ended up marrying her!
  6. Every elementary school kid has a frenemy / nemesis. This girl was a thorn in Beaver's side.
  7. Tiger Farfara (brother of Stanley) played this bespectacled boy.
  8. This Rutherford girl planted a kiss on Beaver's check — and it made the paper.
  9. After playing this Anderson boy, Buddy Joe Hooker went on to become a notable Hollywood stuntman.
  10. In the world of 1950s Mayfield, kids are friends with their teachers. What was the name of this kind teacher played by Diane Brewster?
  11. Beaver even had older pals. Burt Mustin played this fireman friend of Beaver's.

Can you name all these pals of Wally and Beaver from Leave It to Beaver?

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Auntiekk 8 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Golly! Those are some results!
phialpha 14 months ago
Beaver and Wally had some sketchy friends like Larry, Gilbert, Lumpy and Eddie who were always setting up the boys for trouble.
Auntiekk phialpha 8 months ago
I think Larry was the worst!!
Beaver was always such a 'sucker' and always gave in to Larry's bad advice. I guess Gilbert was just as that I think about it. Lol 🤣
EllisClevenger 15 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Golly! Those are some results!
DavidBenear 16 months ago
I got 11 out of 11 too! Love it!
DavidBenear 16 months ago
I love anything to do with Leave it to Beaver! This is still my number 1 show! One of my hobbies is collecting autographs, and I have 8x10 signed photos from: Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers, Rusty Stevens, and Ken Osmond! (By the way, Ken signed my photo in March of 2020, and very sadly left us on May 18th, so I feel very blessed to have it now.) I love Beaver trivia of any kind, and also collect Beaver memorabilia too! I would love to hear from other Beaver fans anytime!!
francolaguna1 DavidBenear 16 months ago
Awesome! I thought I was really into The Beav - I'm a rookie 😉
MikefromJersey DavidBenear 16 months ago
Hi David, Maybe you can help. In "Uncle Billys Visit", 6th season, episode 26, at the end
the Cleavers are bidding Ward's(Hugh Beaumont) uncle adieu from the front lawn.
Uncle Billy(Edgar Buchanan) calls out as he leaves, "So long Hugh." Instead of "Ward".
As the series was ending anyway, do you think this is a wink to the audience?
I played the scene back many times, it sure sounds like "Hugh".
Supercat58 17 months ago
10 of 11. Missed only the Beaver’s teacher.
DavidBenear Supercat58 16 months ago
Other than that, you did very well! -David B
francolaguna1 20 months ago
11 of 11. Leave to Beaver is STILL my favorite show!
DavidBenear francolaguna1 16 months ago
You sound like you really know the Beav!!- David B
STTOS 21 months ago
You got 11 out of 11 - Golly! Those are some results! Easy peasy!!
EllisClevenger 21 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Golly! Those are some results!
JERRY6 21 months ago
10 thought i knew the beav betterthan that
Phyllislee 21 months ago
11 out of 11 !! Watching since I was five. My wish has always been to have my picture taken with Wally, Beaver, and Eddie. Too late now...was so sad to hear about Ken Osmond’s passing.
Kenner 21 months ago
All correct...took 9 seconds.
pattysdaughter 21 months ago
Got 9 out of 10. Watch this ever morn as I get ready for work and have for years . Best part of the an next to coffee.
MadMadMadWorld 21 months ago
11/11 Probably the easiest quiz (for us great fans of LITB) I'll ever see on MeTV! A sad note on #10, Diane Brewster ("Miss Canfield" 5 episodes), who lived to be only 60 (Mar. 1931 - Nov. 1991) due to heart failure. Not pictured was Sue Randall ("Miss Alice Landers" 28 episodes), 1958-62, the other teacher. She died even younger, only 49 (Oct. 1935 - Oct. 1984) from cancer. Both were wonderful in their acting teacher jobs, especially Sue Randall who looked more like a real teacher than Diane Brewster's portrayal that first year, 1957-58. They are sorely missed from LITB as are most recently Ken Osmond ("Eddie Haskell"), at 76 on May 18 (2020), and the two wonderful parents Hugh Beaumont ("Ward"), Feb. 1909 - May 1982, at 72 and Barbara Billingsley ("June"), Dec. 2015 - Oct. 2010, at 94.
Diane Brewster also made memorable appearances on "Maverick" (Sat mornings, 9am CT), where she befuddled, charmed, and sometimes conned Bret and Bart Maverick as Samantha Crawford. Trivia: Writer/producer and "Maverick" series creator Roy Huggins had given her character his mother's maiden name! Fun stuff to tease or trick your friends and family!
ForeverHappyDays 22 months ago
Yes! I remembered all of their names!
bmalloy 22 months ago
I remember Miss Landers being Beavers teacher also
Diz 23 months ago
I agree to an extent with the comments about Mayberry R.F.D. being a weak spinoff, though I've become reacquainted with my crush on Arlene Golonka.
KenKnighton 24 months ago
11 out of 11! I know my Leave it to Beaver!
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