Can you guess which of these movies was NOT directed by Ron Howard?

How well do you know the former child star's filmmaking career?

Ron Howard was first introduced to millions of TV fans as Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show. As a "teenager" (well, technically early twenties) he starred alongside Henry Winkler on Happy Days.

But even as a kid, Howard showed an interest in more than just acting. He made his first short films in the late 1960s. A decade later he was already making features!

Do you know every single film Ron Howard has directed? We’ve compiled 24 movies he did direct and one he did not. Can you pick out which one?

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  1. Which of these movies was NOT directed by Ron Howard?

Can you guess which of these movies was NOT directed by Ron Howard?

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TheDavBow3 24 months ago
4th try for me. I'll take it 😊
MichaelSmith 24 months ago
Got it on the 1st try. Almost picked the trap choice which was Rush because of the film from the early '90s with the identical title.
DouglasMorris 24 months ago
got it right on the second try.
Evan 24 months ago
I lost track of my attempts. Just decided to start from the bottom and work up til I found the one. Had no idea he directed so many!
ETristanBooth 24 months ago
Four tries. I knew that many of these were directed by Howard, but there were a few I'd never seen, so I didn't know who directed them.
sandman 24 months ago
6 try’s! I was so mad I almost ate a whole box of Twinkies! Nah just kidding, I ate the whole box!
Jeffrey 24 months ago
I found it on my 6th guess. The 'Burbs.
Catman 24 months ago
Usually I have to run through the entire list to find the right answer. I got this one on the 2nd shot.
MarthaWashington 24 months ago
I got it on my FIRST try...must have had a weak moment. However "the burbs" was just on, and maybe I just didn't notice Ron Howards name wasn't there.
Lillyrose 24 months ago
I got it on the 20th try: The Burbs. I didn't know that Ron Howard directed so many movies. I did see Splash and Cinderella Man and Apollo 13. I barely remember Splash, and Cinderella Man was depressing. I love Apollo 13!
Ron Howard was great as Richie Cunningham in Happy Days!
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