Pick: What was the greatest one-season wonder in TV history?

Did Kato and Kolchak deserve more love?

Television is a competitive business. The pressure is on from the first episode. It seems as if half of the shows made last a single season. 

This is not always a knock on their quality. Perhaps a series received a tough time slot. Maybe it was too ahead of its time. In some cases, it might have just been too high quality — too expensive to produce.

There are many single-season shows with rabid fanbases. In fact, we show several such shows on MeTV. We call them one-season wonders.

Below, we gathered some of our favorite one-season wonders from the 1950s through the 2000s. They range from sci-fi to drama to Westerns. Which one is your favorite?

Of course, there are too many to list. Did we not include your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Which is your favorite television show that only lasted one season?

Pick: What was the greatest one-season wonder in TV history?

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BB 13 days ago
It wasn't a choice, but Domestic Life with Martin Mull was the best by far.
djw1120 20 days ago
Personally I picked "Battlestar Galactica".
It was a choice between that or "The Time Tunnel".
Barry22 24 days ago
I picked Kolchak, but one of the reasons it was cancelled was because the star wanted out.
RobertK 25 days ago
100% with Kolchak. I thought it was a cool show. Most of the others I never heard of. When they were on originally, I was probably watching old re-runs like I do now...
anthony 25 days ago
20% similar.There were at least 4 on the list that surprised me,including the one I Picked."The Time Tunnel".I LOVED this show when I was a kid.I remember I use to draw the tunnel and the computer screens on the back of my school note books.Good Times!
TomTerrrific 25 days ago
I had to vote for Kolchak as my favorite, but my second choice would have been Briscoe County Jr.! That was one strange show. And years later, his sidekick Socrates Poole turned up playing the medical examiner on CSI:Miami.
Michael51202800 25 days ago
V was the best at the beginning, but fizzled when the cast started to fade out! The new version of v was ok, but Diana should have been Diana!
Eddy 25 days ago
Add The Magician series to Me-TV Bill Bixby was great as a magician helping people with no guns.
Geeman1 25 days ago
I went with Kolchak. Wish they had allowed us to list maybe 5? in descending order.
DouglasMorris 26 days ago
I picked: Kolchak: The Night Stalker! got: 100% similar!
Bret 26 days ago
There were 3 or 4 I could have voted for, but I chose Kolchak.
ChelzF 26 days ago
Strange Luck. It played around the same time as The X Files, and even hinted at a crossover episode. Unfortunately, Fox cancelled it after one season.
TomTerrrific ChelzF 25 days ago
You must be thinking of the anemic 90's remake. The rest of us are thinking of the 70's original with Darren McGavin.
Ric 26 days ago
Greetings. I really enjoyed the series "Then Came Bronson". I enjoy riding motorcycles and the show was really positive. Many Thanks. GOD Bless.
Stephen 26 days ago
70% similar
70% similar to the most popular responses

I picked Battlestar Galactica (1978-79) But it was a toss-up between V, Firefly and Battlestar, Loved all three.
MarkJamesMeli 26 days ago
My favorite was BOB, starring Bob Newhart. It ran from 1992 until 1993. There was a 2nd season, but I think it only had maybe four episodes.
DECADES ran Bob during their weekend binge last week.
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