Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1960?

Will you spend the evening in Bedrock or the Twilight Zone?

Do you remember the time before remote controls? There was no such thing as channel surfing. Sure, you could get up off the lounger, walk to the television set, and turn the knob… but it was it easier to just pick and channel and stick with it for the night.

With that in mind, we're taking you back to a time when (most) people did not have remote controls. The year is 1960. The TV schedule is filled with brilliant classics.

Pick one network, kick up your feet, and stick with it for the entire night. See how your tastes compare!
  1. Pick a channel to watch on Monday night.
  2. Pick a channel to watch on Monday night.
  3. Pick a channel to watch on Tuesday night.
  4. Pick a channel to watch on Wednesday night.
  5. Pick a channel to watch on Thursday night.
  6. Pick a channel to watch on Friday night.
  7. Pick a channel to watch on Saturday morning.
  8. Pick a channel to watch on Saturday night.

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1960?

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Sally 13 months ago
61% similar...but my parents controlled what was on in our house. :)
DerekBird 22 months ago
70% similar
70% similar to the most popular responses
Russ 22 months ago
In 1960 I was 4 so I didn't have much say. Looking at these choices, my mom would have had me (I was the remote) change the channel a lot each night to watch assorted shows.
RCR 22 months ago
No way I would have stuck to one channel all night. I'm not a huge fan of westerns.
EricFuller 34 months ago
What if you split your viewing choices?
StephenJ 38 months ago
I purchased the complete box set of the Untouchables a couple of years ago and it proclaims they were on CBS.
EricFuller StephenJ 34 months ago
Though the show aired originally on ABC, "The Untouchables" is distributed by CBS through Paramount which is a division of CBS.
ndebrabant 38 months ago

57% similar
57% similar to the most popular responses
DIGGER1 41 months ago
73% similar
73% similar to the most popular responses
jackson 44 months ago
We only had 2 channels, ABC and NBC, but one of them did get a few ABC shows that they showed on weekends. We didn't watch one channel all night, because I remember watching varying shows on the two channels in the same night. TV was wonderful back in the late 1950's and early 1960's. We were blessed and took it for granted. Glad METV has chosen to telecast some of the great old programs.
Jcl 44 months ago
I really love your programming and I would love to request One Step Beyond to be on your lineup. I remember watching that show with my parents many years ago, thank you for your time
scp 44 months ago
Let's be honest; on at least some nights I suspect people would have changed the channels before the end of the night.
scp 44 months ago
I remember watching To Tell the Truth and Lawrence Welk as a little kid back in the 1970's. And I still occasionally watch a bit of Welk in reruns on PBS.
CatMomWanda scp 44 months ago
When we would go to visit my grandmother, she would always watch Lawrence Welk. She didn't watch that much TV, but whoever was there would be in the living room watching it. I would get bored and go outside.
flasteve 44 months ago
91% Many of these lasted into the mid-late 60's before they were gone (or longer, Gunsmoke used to have the longest running award), which is why I remember many of them. I remember how boring I thought Perry Mason was, as I was in bed as a kid, hearing the TV from the living room, where my mom and dad watched it. Ironic, now at age 61, I really like it. (and to a lesser degree Ironside too). I love it when Perry sticks it in Traggs face every time, and Burger too !!!!
CatMomWanda flasteve 44 months ago
I still get bored with Perry Mason. I guess I've just seen enough of it. Sometimes after a break I go back to a show. I do enjoy Ironside some.
jackson CatMomWanda 44 months ago
Hang in there. When you get older you won't remember who did it, and the show will be interesting again!
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