Pick your favorite Thanksgiving dish & we'll reveal The Andy Griffith Show character you love most

Which dish is the star of your Thanksgiving dinner?

Today, we've combined two of our favorite home-cooked traditions: Thanksgiving feasts and The Andy Griffith Show.

For fans of both, enough is never enough, and you stop by Wally's Fillin' Station as often as you hit the gravy boat on Thanksgiving day.

That's why we think your favorite Thanksgiving dish can predict the character on The Andy Griffith Show that you love the most.

Pick your ultimate Turkey Day dish and see if we get yours right ... or if maybe something's wrong with our recipe this time.

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  1. What's your favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table?

Pick your favorite Thanksgiving dish & we'll reveal The Andy Griffith Show character you love most

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Pacificsun 4 days ago
Why'd they put potatoes with Floyd the Barber?
Maybe one of his bottles of after shave, smells like potatoes!
Filmnoirfan 4 days ago
Turkey = Andy Griffith. Just one choice seems like some sort of punishment. How about something involving an entire meal next time? First plate typically includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pecan pie!
bnichols23 4 days ago
Gomer. Oh, heck, yeah, you can call me Gomer if you gimme that sweet tater casserole! AND the mushmelons to, by dang!
Don't forget the Welsh Rarebit!
stephaniestavr5 4 days ago
I wonder which Mayberry resident would come up, if one of the choices had been Turducken? {For the uninitiated, that's a turkey, stuffed with a duck, and a chicken stuffed inside the duck.}
Perhaps Mayor Roy Stoner, Howard Sprague or any character they didn't list.
Ain't nobody in Mayberry can affords 'at 'air!
LoveMETV22 bnichols23 4 days ago
You're correct there. Not an inexpensive item if you were to order one. Probably a little cheaper if you make it yourself, if you have the culinary skills.
I am troubled by the first four letters of the word, "Turducken."
I am "troubled" by your juvenile response. If you didn't pronounce the 4th letter w/the first three, you wouldn't be "troubled." I wouldn't think.
I am a low and vulgar geezer-boy.
fivecents 4 days ago
We ALWAYS have turkey, but if there was a turkey and a ham on the tablr, I'd take the ham ...... lol
Peppermintpatti 5 days ago
I picked Turkey and got Andy Taylor.
KenKnighton 5 days ago
I picked stuffing and got Ernest T. Bass!
dangler1907 6 days ago
I've been granted a date with Thelma Lou, so we can share pecan pie and gaze longingly in each other's eyes.
Until Barney shows up, and then all he** will break loose in the diner ...
RichLorn 7 days ago
I didn't pick any of them because my favorite wasn't there. Next-day Leftovers!!!
dangler1907 RichLorn 6 days ago
Ah, but "Leftover what?" is the question?
"The answer is:" "Leftoverture" by Kansas. Home of 3 good songs: "Point Of No Return," "Dust In The Wind" and "Carry on My Wayward Son."
Moody stephaniestavr5 4 days ago
"Point of No Return" & "Dust in the Wind" are on the Point of No Return album not Leftoverture.
Pacificsun RichLorn 4 days ago
Would the character be Otis then? He always stays overnight in the jail.
eyegor 7 days ago
It's me, it's me, it's Earnest T!
JERRY6 8 days ago
?? I'm Andy , thought i would be goober or Barney
Pacificsun JERRY6 4 days ago
Goober should've been for cranberries.
LoveMETV22 8 days ago
400th Anniversary (1621-2021) of the first Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 4 days ago
That's a great observation!

Thank you for bringing it to our attention! Cool!
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 3 days ago
Your welcome, just so they don't go without mention:
Coffee giant, "Starbucks", hit its half century in 2021.
Florida's "Walt Disney World", celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021.
"Wikipedia", debuted in 2001 - Happy 20th Anniversary Wikipedia.
Speaking of anniversaries: Betty White, {hopefully,} on January 17th will be celebrating her 100th year of living. 5 days later, on the 22nd, my sister will be having her 10th deathiversary.
A great actress, I certainly hope she is here with us on such an auspicious occasion.
Condolences on your loss.
Just curious you sent or responded to another message and deleted it, got 2 notifications only this message came up.
dodgebob 8 days ago
Kinda sad Rafe Hollister didn't get a shout out, heard tell he made the best gravey in those parts.
Wendy57 8 days ago
I got Helen Crump ! One of my least favorite characters on the Andy Griffith Show.
I picked cranberry sauce. 😟
She looks like a cranberry! Heck, she looks like an entire cranberry bog!
I don’t think that she is unattractive but her character is not that likeable, with the exception, to me, of how she supported Aunt Bea when she tried to wear a wig to impress the new reverend. I liked how she and Opie stood up to Andy.
Also, when the new waitress at the Diner had a crush on Andy and when Helen & Andy came in to eat together, Helen was so sarcastically funny to the waitress. “ Which ever is the Yummy one “. 😁
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