Plan your dream spring break trip and we'll give you a classic television gang to take a vacation with

Pack your suitcase!


While spring break vacations have the potential to be a lot of fun, it requires some heavy planning on your part to make sure you know exactly what you're getting into. In this quiz, we're taking away all the stress and sending you off on a magical vacation, you just have to tell us EXACTLY what you want. In return, we'll tell you which fun-loving classic television family you're tagging along with on the trip!

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  1. How are you getting there?
  2. Pick a vacation location!
  3. Pick an activity to do on your trip
  4. Are you interested in the nightlife?
  5. How long are you staying there?
  6. Now, what's your main goal of this vacation?
  7. Are you planning on visiting any local museums?
  8. Are you bringing any friends along with you?
  9. Are you taking any souvenirs home?
  10. How are you planning on eating on vacation?
  11. Finally, where are you staying?

Plan your dream spring break trip and we'll give you a classic television gang to take a vacation with

Your Result...

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SammyBoy86 11 days ago
The Brady Bunch.. I guess I will be the guest of the family our maybe a close friend..
gockionni 16 days ago
The Clampetts! That’s just fine, I was a hillbilly then and I’m a hillbilly still. Although, I can’t really bring myself to eat some of them vittles so I’ll be eating out everyday, for every meal 😉
eyegor 19 days ago
Looks like I'll be on a road trip with the Clampetts. I reckon we'll be taking an extra truck for Jethro's food.
Fickenchucker 19 days ago
Vacationing with the clampetts.....Elly May please...weeeeell doggie!
DeeBarcs 21 days ago
Going to Hawaii with the Brady Bunch! When do we leave?
LibraBaby0921 22 days ago
I'm taking a vacation with the Brady Bunch; I can live with that!
19611313 22 days ago
I got the Charlies Angels.
Anybody wanna trade?
Lilly777 19611313 17 days ago
I'll gladly swap The Brady Bunch for The Charlie's Angels.
ww245 22 days ago
Thought so, I'll be down the hall from the Brady Bunch lol. Well, I'll need a bit more action than that. Sounds like I'll hang for a couple days then set out for some real fun and something I can sink my teeth into.
xk7186 22 days ago
You're vacationing with the Bunkers
LynCarrigan 23 days ago
No way would I be vacationing with the Clampets.
tadlem 23 days ago
The Bunkers?
Absolutely NOT! I'll stay home.
JERRY6 23 days ago
with the Clampetts yes me and elly may
JimmyAngel 24 days ago
The Brady’s ? Well yeah of course Marcia or Jan. The rest no
grandpa5741 24 days ago
The Brady Family, perfect as I will seeing Marcia and Carol, my two favorite ladies 😀
Catman 24 days ago
I dispute the results.
In truth, I will be vacationing with Zorba on the island of Crete.
Tell the Bradys thanks but I have other ideas.
RedSkelton 24 days ago
We need a trip to Kona, or Kauai!
Mob39 25 days ago
You're vacationing with The Clampett Family! 😂😂😂😂 Now that would be a fun trip!!! Well doggie!
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