QUIZ: Do you remember the first Brady Bunch episode ''Honeymoon?''

You know the show, but how about where it all began?

The Brady Bunch is one of those classics that you've seen so many times it seems downright impossible to not be an expert. However, it can be tough to remember all that goes down in a single episode — especially the pilot. 
Most shows feature a premiere that has a different feel than the rest of the series, and The Brady Bunch is no different.

How well do you remember the first episode, "Honeymoon?" Let's find out!
  1. How did Alice know that Mike was nervous about the wedding?
  2. What was Carol's last name before marrying Mike?
  3. What word did Mike's kids not use to describe Carol?
  4. What color was Carol's robe when she was getting ready?
  5. What's missing from Bobby's dresser?
  6. Who brought Tiger to Bobby's room?
  7. What's Bobby so mad about?
  8. Who paid for the wedding?
  9. What was Carol's maiden name?
  10. What's Mike's middle name?
  11. What's the girls' cat's name?
  12. What chip does this salty man share a name with?
  13. What color is Carol's honeymoon nightgown?
  14. What does Greg tell Bobby you take on a honeymoon?
QUIZ: Do you remember the first Brady Bunch episode ''Honeymoon?''

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ndebrabant 1 month ago

You got Nice job!
You must be a Brady expert... or have seen this episode recently ;)
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