Shark Attack! A quiz about movies that aren't Jaws!

We're gonna need a bigger brain!

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Look, they can't all be winners. Some movies are destined to be runners-up, also-rans in the contest of life. If every film had the impact of something like Jaws, we'd be numb to them. 

This isn't to say all these movies are duds (but some of them definitely are). There's something to love about all of them! At the end of the day, a movie with a killer shark in it is bound to be more exciting than a movie without a killer shark in it, right?

So we're here to pay tribute and see what you know about these shark attack movies that aren't in the Jaws franchise.

Good luck, have fun, and don't go near the water.

  1. Meg 2: The _______ (2023)
  2. 47 ________ Down (2017)
  3. Deep Blue ____ (1999)
  4. Open ________ (2003)
  5. Blake Lively in The ______ (2016)
  6. _________ in The Meg (2018)
  7. ________: The Jaws of Death (1976)
  8. Mega Shark Versus Giant ________ (2009)
  9. Sharknado 2: The _______ One (2014)
  10. ________ Paris (2024)

Shark Attack! A quiz about movies that aren't Jaws!

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FestusFan2312 9 days ago
2/10. Is anyone sure these were actual movies? I can imagine the budget for each must have been $12.95 with the special effects being a plastic shark in someone’s bathtub.
WGH FestusFan2312 9 days ago
Open Water was a pretty good movie. Check it out. Some of the others, not so much.

I see about 7 of these.
wolfman69 11 days ago
8/10. Farewell and adieu my fair Spanish ladies...
Gossemer wolfman69 11 days ago
Farewell and adieu you ladies of spain, for we've received orders for to sail back to boston, and nevermore shall we see you again.
TSeym22 11 days ago
8/10 Guessed on all of them. Just picked the title that "felt" right.
Tresix 11 days ago
10 for 10. Now I really want to see a movie called “Open Mouth, Insert Human”!
CortneyNicole 12 days ago
9/10 I almost guessed it all and missed one.
FlaFeral 12 days ago
8/10, about like the rest of ya'll! 😸
Gossemer 12 days ago
9/10. Missed #9. Never seen a sharknado movie.
Bapa1 Gossemer 12 days ago
The Sharknado movies have surprising 'twists' to them.
Gossemer Bapa1 11 days ago
Have to bite into one and taste it. I believe they were big hits with people
Avie 13 days ago
Re "

"Mega Shark Versus Giant ________ (2009)
Killer Whale
Who Says "Fee Fi Fo Fum"


People who can't spell are a far greater menace to civilization than mere deadly sea creatures.
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