Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers will be able to recognize these 11 objects

What the heck is that gizmo?

Gadgets and whatnot all kind of look the same today -- flat, sleek, shiny. Back in the day, there were a lot more knobs and chrome.

Below you will find 11 everyday objects from the 20th century. Well, close-up fragments of them. 

But we think a Boomer will recognize the whole thing from just a part. You probably have to be Gen-X or older to recognize them all!

Try to guess all 11!

  1. What would you do with this object?
  2. Where would you find this object?
  3. What would this black ribbon help you do?
  4. Where would you put these cubes?
    Image: Etsy
  5. What would removing these black plastic tabs do?
  6. What would you clean with this?
  7. Would would you most likely listen to with this?
  8. Where would you find this tennis player?
  9. Where would you find this?
  10. Where would you find this shiny object?
  11. Finally, where would you find all these knobs?

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers will be able to recognize these 11 objects

Your Result...

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Charles 2 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
You are either a Boomer... or a fan of antiques! Nice work!
Ehsauve 2 months ago
10/11, got nailed by the PeeChee folder
DavidBarker 3 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
You are either a Boomer... or a fan of antiques! Nice work!
Dasnake 3 months ago
First look at #9 made me think of carburetor choke spring, then looking closer saw the ash residue.
Dasnake 3 months ago
Missed the school folder, I too thought of wheaties.
msglenn Dasnake 2 months ago
me too
Paul 3 months ago
"7. Would would you most likely listen to with this?" Would would? Really?
Tlor 3 months ago
I found the folders still exist, first made in 1943 in Kalamazoo Michigan, the drawings of teens doing various sports tennis, football, track in the front, baseball basketball, skiing in the back, inside they had the multiplication times tables and various other conversion tables for math. Still found in packs at the local Walmarts, Target, Amazon, etc.
jholton30062 3 months ago
10/11, and what the hell is a Pee Chee folder??
Tlor jholton30062 3 months ago
A PeeChee folder was a pocket folder, orange in color, you divided your school subjects to keep them organized. Usually, left side for home assignments, or partial assignments done. The right for the finished product. So you labeled the front math, reading, spelling, geography, science, etc, Pulled that folder out when your teacher asked you to turn in your assignment. It was called organization.
Tlor Tlor 3 months ago
they did come in other colors aside from orange, including, blue, green and red
jholton30062 Tlor 3 months ago
The nuns used to give us folders at the beginning of the year when I was in grade school, which worked the same way, so I didn't have to buy any then. When I did buy them, I generally opted for the cheapest ones they had at the drug store. Was there anything special about the Pee Chee folders (e.g. extra durable)?
Tlor jholton30062 2 months ago
we never got freebies, maybe pencils sometimes. I just think they liked the simplicity of the folder, all you had to do was mark your subject up front, no leafing through multiple pockets?
Abbadon517 3 months ago
Accidently hit something when my kitty jumped on my lap... so missed 8 instead of 7....knew answer but to late .
DavidDemarke 3 months ago
Gen X (barely, 1981), got 10/11, didn’t take a close enough look at the record cleaner and thought it was a shoe buffer and some liquid polish.
Marcu2 3 months ago
I got 10/11 I thought #8 was a shoebox. Genxers rule. Their sure alot of comments from us we are getting old. 30 years ago we would of never done something like us and now we love it. Millennials and genzs will never know how great America use to be. Go beaver go Wally go Andy go Barney
Jack 3 months ago
I'm Gen x and got them all... So...
ajaman Jack 3 months ago
Ok,X er!!👍
nikoleaw 3 months ago
I'm a GenXer and we used every last one of those things - and I got all 11 correct.
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