Were these classic cartoons made by Hanna-Barbera or not?

Who produced Jonny Quest, The Archie Show and Inspector Gadget?

Producing partners Joseph Hanna and William Barbera are giants in the animation world. They have created classic characters like Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo and, of course, The Flintstones.

But how well do you know their other cartoons? Can you tell which series are Hanna-Barbera and which were made by competitors like Filmation and DIC?

Here are 16 classic animated shows. Try to guess if they were made by Hanna-Barbera or not!

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  1. Did Hanna-Barbera produce the 1960s cartoon Top Cat?
  2. What about the early cartoon Rod Rocket?
  3. Who produced The Berenstain Bears?
  4. Who produced Inspector Gadget?
  5. Did Hanna-Barbera make The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show or not?
  6. Who made the 1970s cartoon Wait Till Your Father Gets Home?
  7. Who produced Star Trek: The Animated Series?
  8. Who produced the animated spinoff The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang?
  9. What about the animated Brady Bunch spinoff The Brady Kids?
  10. Who made this 1980s cartoon?
  11. Who produced Jonny Quest?
  12. Who produced The Archie Show?
  13. Who brought The Smurfs to American television?
  14. Who made He-Man and the Masters of the Universe?
  15. Who brought the world Captain Planet and the Planeteers?
  16. Who produced the cartoon Speedy Buggy about an anthropomorphic dune buggy?

Were these classic cartoons made by Hanna-Barbera or not?

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EricFuller 4 months ago
14/16. Surprised that Ruby Spears, who produced the Rambo and Hulk Hogan's Rock and Roll Wrestling wasn't listed.
TomHolste 21 months ago

"Captain Planet" was a close one, but I guessed correctly that they meant not H-B. DiC did indeed produce the show at the start for TBS, but after Turner Broadcasting bought Hanna-Barbera, the show eventually switched hands to H-B in 1993.

Since the question asked "Who *brought* the world Captain Planet?" I surmised that they meant who produced the show at its premiere. Glad I guessed correctly! :)
John 27 months ago
A lot of the Filmation shows are easy to identify just from the sheer amount of stock footage that was re-used in every episode. H-B at least tried not get too repetitious with their visuals (their CONCEPTS, on the other hand, are a different story).
moax429 John 25 months ago
Remember also in "The Brady Kids" Filmation used the same animation pattern that made the kids move like the Archies whenever they played a song? Of course, they had to add in Cindy, who was playing a guitar.
Flash4001 27 months ago
My favourite is Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes
biscuits18521 Flash4001 27 months ago
I like those too!
JewelsChuck 27 months ago
15/16...#10 was wrong for me. Still not bad.
cams 27 months ago
13/16. Mostly because of Boomerang from Cartoon Network (it's all coming back to you)
John 27 months ago
I thought I knew my H-B cartoons. 14 out of 16 right.
Joebev 27 months ago
I got 15 out of 16, but The Berenstain Bears is a trick question. It was not Hanna-Barbera. It was only licensed by them from Southern Star Productions (then called Hanna-Barbera Australia, when both were owned by Taft Broadcasting.) A technicality but a fact. Not one HB animator touched those shows. So I really got 16 out of 16. METV knows less than I do about this subject. I was Daws Butler's protege, wrote the book Daws Butler, Characters Actor, and was personal friends with Joe Barbera.
Stoney 27 months ago
14 for 16. Missed Captain Planet and Berenstain Bears, neither of which I watched much
GeoRubik 28 months ago
16/16 just looking at the animation style did.
Bob 28 months ago
12/16. Thought I would do better.
DANODAN 28 months ago
10 out of 16 not too bad 🤔
sandman 28 months ago
12/16 Me. 6/16 Mrs. “Sore Loser” Should she take me to Chili’s or Glory Days
nerakr 28 months ago
10/16. Not bad since most were guesses.
idkwut2use 28 months ago
Oops, 10...guess I wasn’t always paying attention to that.
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