Were these Looney Tunes cartoons originally in black and white or color?

You’re a cartoon expert if you can ace this quiz!

Like their live-action counterparts, Looney Tunes short films started out in black and white before switching to color. Still more like features from that era, a few were in color sooner than you might think and some were produced in black and white well after most others switched.

How well do you know your Looney Tunes history? Some of the images below are actually taken from color cartoons, we just turned them monochrome.

Can you guess which ones were originally black and white and which ones should be color?

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  1. Was the first Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon in black and white or color?
  2. Was this early Disney-like cartoon in black and white or color?
  3. Was Daffy's first cartoon in black and white or color?
  4. Was this early Elmer Fudd in black and white or color?
  5. Was this live-action hybrid in black and white or color?
  6. Was this early Bugs Bunny cartoon in black and white or color?
  7. Was this Sniffles the Mouse cartoon in black and white or color?
  8. Was this Porky and Gabby Goat cartoon in black and white or color?
  9. Did Daffy go up against this caveman Jack Benny in black and white or color?
  10. Was Porky's first cartoon in black and white or color?
  11. Was this aquatic Laurel and Hardy parody in black and white or color?
  12. Was this short featuring Bugs, Daffy and Porky in black and white or color?

Were these Looney Tunes cartoons originally in black and white or color?

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Jeffrey 29 days ago
"You got 11 out of 12" ----------You're a regular cartoon historian. Great job! I got number 10 wrong, I said black and white when it was really color.
FLETCH 1 month ago
Was on my way to a perfect score then got the last 3 questions wrong

9 out of 12
RichLorn 1 month ago
If I weren't in black and white my face would be red.
Pdls 1 month ago
I'm surprised I even got 7/12 since I never saw any of these in color!
Jamesatkinson 1 month ago
7 of 12: didn't score as well as I thought I would.😏😜
top_cat_james_1 1 month ago
"You got 12 out of 12. You're a regular cartoon historian."

Yes, MeTV--Unlike your so-called "cartoon curator", I know my animation history.
I found the humans so insufferable this morning, I changed the channel to Create TV and watched Knit and Crochet Now and then Painting With Wilson. Changed it back to MeTV once the Beav was on.
RichLorn CarolKelley 1 month ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but, there was only one artist who instructed drawing during the years of black and white TV. Can you remember who? Hint: His first and last names were 4 letter words. < gasp! >
Jeffrey CarolKelley 29 days ago
I can't STAND Leave it to Beaver!! I had enough of it when I was a kid.
texasluva 1 month ago
7 out of 12 Folks! Must be a little color blind
dodgebob 1 month ago
7/12, you may not agree, but that's great for me.
JimmyD 1 month ago
8/12 Some of the earlier ones that were in color I saw in black and white anyway because that's the TV we had back then.
gockionni JimmyD 1 month ago
8/12 as well - black and white, metal box Admiral TV with rabbit ears, two giant knobs on the front and three side dials. We used to sit and watch until the bright dot disappeared completely after turning it off for the night lol.
Dayna gockionni 1 month ago
EricFuller 1 month ago
9/12. Cartoon historian. If I recall I read that some of the WB cartoons and Popeye cartoons that were done during WWII in black and white were to save paint.
Toonhead 1 month ago
Egad! 9/12 I thought I would do better! I’m questioning the first Porky toon being in color, since so many of the earliest ones I’ve seen are in b&w. And the one with Daffy, Bugs, and Porky certainly looked like it was from the color era. Ahhh heck just sour grapes lol. I should get a big raspberry from Daffy for this score lol! 😎😝🤬🤪
billtreadway41 Toonhead 1 month ago
The first Porky cartoon I Haven't Got A Hat was filmed in the early two-strip Technicolor process. It aired on Toon in With Me a few months ago.

The short with Porky and Daffy and Bugs, Porky Pig's Feat, was in B&W, although colorized versions exist. It's Bugs' only appearance in B&W
Toonhead billtreadway41 1 month ago
Thanks Bill. I had never seen the b&w version and I thought that all the Bugs toons were in color. Thanks for the info and your kind response. Best wishes my friend.😎
Dajj 1 month ago
8/12, harder than I thought!
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