What were the first lines for The Brady Bunch family?

From full sentences to single words, what were the first lines from The Brady Bunch?

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In the first episode of The Brady Bunch, it's a pretty hectic day for everyone. In the beginning of the episode, Mike and Carol are very nervous ahead of their big day. 

The kids on the other hand are pretty supportive and make an instant impression, just minutes into the show. Mike takes 21 spoons of sugar in his coffee while Carol can't seem to get her girls' hair done right!

How well do you remember the opening minutes of The Brady Bunch series premiere? Well enough match each character to their correct first lines?

Take the quiz and find out!

  1. Ladies first. Which line from Carol was her first on the show?
  2. What was the first thing Marcia said?
  3. When we heard Jan talk for the first time, what did she say?
  4. How about little Cindy?
  5. What is the correct first line from Alice?
  6. To the boys. What was Mike Brady's first line?
  7. What did Greg say before anything else?
  8. How about Peter?
  9. Finally, what did Bobby, the youngest Brady boy, say on screen first?

What were the first lines for The Brady Bunch family?

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ncadams27 16 months ago
First line on Bonanza:

Ben: When are you guys gonna get a job and move out of here? And you need to do your own laundry. You’ve been wearing those same outfits for months!
ncadams27 17 months ago
Other first lines:

“How are they going to live here with only one bathroom?”

“Double the kids, I want double the salary!”

“Do you think we could get Joe Namath to come to the wedding?”

“Do I have to go to the wedding? I have a date with— WAIT! YOU’RE SAYING HE’LL BE MY BROTHER? This is awkward!”

“Dad, did they ever find Mom’s body?”

daDoctah ncadams27 17 months ago
"Say, has anybody seen Tiger?"
ncadams27 daDoctah 17 months ago
Good one!
Moverfan daDoctah 17 months ago
"Hey, guys, where's the cat?"
ncadams27 17 months ago
#3 Jan’s first line- Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
Wenatchee7 17 months ago
5/9 after reading some of the comments I don't feel to bad about my score.
bsantaniello 17 months ago
I’ve probably seen every episode more than 25 times yet I bombed out in this quiz. Embarrassed to say 1/9! 😬 yikes
TheSentinel 17 months ago
4/9 - for someone who's watched The Brady Bunch as much as I have, some of the first lines in the pilot episode threw me - and I thought I remembered the pilot better than that.
ELEANOR 17 months ago
First lines uttered on any TV show are always full of angst. The actors are most always nervous, trying to conceal it and concentrate on acting. For the children, the assistant director is also full of angst as he or she was responsible for rounding up the children, ensuring that they have been rehearsed, in costume, and on set when the cameras rolled. When they uttered their first line, no one had any idea if the show would be any good. Well, now we know. The Brady Bunch has a firm place in the national pop culture.
Andybandit 17 months ago
I got 2/9. I got #2 and 3 right. I am not a fan of the Brady Bunch. Just like I am not a fan of the Waltons and Full House.
daDoctah 17 months ago
1/9. I have no idea how I got that one question right.

Here's another quiz about Brady dialogue. Which member of the household said the following?

1. "Theven thilver thwanth thwam thilently theaward."
2. "Mom always says, don't play ball in the house."
3. "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
4. "Pork chops and...apple sauce!"
5. "Oh, my nose!"

If you miss any of those, turn in your keys. You're not from this planet.
LoveMETV22 daDoctah 17 months ago
1. Cindy 2. Bobby 3. Jan 4. Peter 5. Marcia ? LOL.
Moverfan daDoctah 17 months ago
I can't find my keys. Would you take a small plastic container of butter?
bradyguy daDoctah 13 months ago
Oops...you've got a bit of a Brady boo-boo in there, Doc. In fairness, it's not just you...it seems to be a bit of a Mandela in the last 50+ years....MeTV has even gotten it wrong a couple of times...

It's ACTUALLY GREG that says "Mom's favorite vase"...then BOBBY SAYS "SHE always says, 'don't play ball in the house'". Peter is, apparently, dumbfounded. There goes his camping trip!!
bradyguy daDoctah 13 months ago
Techincally...#4 could also be Carol. Although she says "Pork chops...and...UH...applesauce."

Isn't that swell??
bradyguy bradyguy 8 months ago
Wendy57 17 months ago
Who knows ?
All guesses.
Anyone who does really well on this quiz has an amazing memory and/or great deduction skills.
bradyguy Wendy57 13 months ago
OR....has watched The Honeymoon perhaps 40-50 times in their life???
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