Which classic show is Phil Silvers in?

He guest starred on many sitcoms but also dropped by sci-fi and detective shows.

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Phil Silvers performs Hamlet the Musical on Gilligan’s Island
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Phil Silvers began his career on vaudeville stages before appearing in 1940s films like You’re in the Army Now and Cover Girl. His military sitcom The Phil Silvers Show made him a household name and cemented his place as a go-to guest star in the years after. He often played irritable but hilarious bosses and fathers on all kinds of shows.

Here are ten Phil Silvers TV appearances from the Sixties and Seventies. Try to guess which show each image is from!

  1. Can you tell what show this is?
  2. This is Phil Silvers in…
  3. Silvers played a ship’s captain in…
  4. What show is this scene from?
  5. Silvers spoofed his famous Sgt. Bilko character on which sketch show?
  6. Here is Phil Silvers in…
  7. Silvers played the owner of an ice-skating show in…
  8. Silvers played a shifty character on which sitcom?
  9. No, Phil Silvers isn’t playing Batman villain Mr. Freeze. He’s a kids’ TV host in…
  10. Which variety show is Silvers in here?

Which classic show is Phil Silvers in?

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