Which M*A*S*H character do these items belong to?

What character comes to mind when you see these items?

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Any given M*A*S*H character can stand out for a number of different reasons. Hawkeye stands out for his humor and quick retorts, while Frank Burns stands out for the exact opposite, as he is stern and by the book. 

Actions, phrases and army titles aside, the following items are a good way to differentiate several of the main characters. 

Below are outfits, accessories and possessions to various M*A*S*H characters. Do you know who they belong to?

Take our quiz and find out! 

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  1. Who wears this pink top?
  2. Who can be seen sporting this Illinois Fighting Illini sweatshirt?
  3. Who does this hat belong to?
  4. What about this one?
  5. This outfit/necklace combo belongs to...
  6. Who did this motorcycle belong to?
  7. Who wears this hat at the 4077th?
  8. This hat belongs on the head of...
  9. Who at the 4077th wears this robe?
  10. This headwear belongs to...
  11. Who wears this hat?
  12. Who does this robe belong to?
  13. Who can be seen holding this?
  14. This hat goes on...

Which M*A*S*H character do these items belong to?

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