How well do you remember the first credits sequence for The Waltons?

Season one had a unique opening all its own.

It’s hard to believe The Waltons premiered 50 years ago in September of 1972. The wholesome family drama entertained audiences into the early 1980s during its initial run and has continued to delight fans new and old in the decades since.

Hearing the familiar theme song instantly conjures images from Walton’s Mountain and no doubt brings to mind the sepia-toned opening used at the beginning of every episode starting in season two.

For the very first season, however, the show used footage of the Walton house and yard while introducing the large family in the credits. How well do you remember this early opening sequence? Put your knowledge to the test below!

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  1. What is the very first thing seen in the credits sequence?
  2. What does John-Boy hear while writing by the window?
  3. Who is driving the truck?
  4. What was added to Michael Learned’s credit in case viewers were confused by her name?
  5. Will Geer was credited "as" what?
  6. What does John take out of the truck?
  7. Who is the last Walton child to join everyone on the front steps?
  8. The family dog is seen throughout the sequence. Do you remember its name?
  9. What happens after Elizabeth runs into John-Boy's arms?
  10. The creator of The Waltons based the show on his own childhood. What was his name?

How well do you remember the first credits sequence for The Waltons?

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SheriHeffner 2 days ago
10 out of 10. I have loved The Waltons since it first came on.
CaroleThorpe 2 days ago
You got 10 -out of 10
You would be right at home on Walton’s Mountain. Great job!
Moverfan 6 days ago
9/10--missed #9. And I've never watched the show.
Zip 7 days ago
Just missed the first one.
Marty53 8 days ago
You can watch the Walton's on Freevee.
dmirarh Marty53 8 days ago
So what, Marty..... More Lisa Whelchel
gockionni 8 days ago
9/10, the mountain, the mountain, the mountain - it’s all about the mountain.
Pelican18 8 days ago
Yes! Ten of ten! I am a true Walton's lunatic and well remember watching that very first episode 50 years ago this month, when I was 7. I'd have been crushed if I'd missed a question.
keishie 9 days ago
I got 6 out of 10 but what can you/I expect since I was only 9mo old when it premiered
olddogg 9 days ago
The Waltons is based on Earl Hamner Jr.'s "Spencers Mountain" novel from 1961, made into a movie in 1963. One of my all-time favorite movies. Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara, James MacArthur. If you've never seen it I highly recommend it, especially if you are a fan of "The Waltons"
Michael olddogg 8 days ago
I saw it on TCM last year. On one level it's odd, a familiar story but all different. But if you treat it like a Henry Fonda movie, it stands by itself.
BrianSnodgrass 10 days ago
10/10 - one of my favorite shows.
Wendy57 BrianSnodgrass 9 days ago
Love the RedSox. My Dad played in their minor leagues before WWII. He was a devoted fan who sadly died the August before they finally won the World Series. It was ironic, but, I’m sure he was watching and celebrating with his fellow Bostonians in heaven. ⚾️
BuckeyeBeth 10 days ago
I only messed up the first one. I tapped the house instead of the mountain. Everything else was an easy cakewalk for me! 😄

Technically wouldn’t the answer for number 10 be Earl Hamner, Jr.? 😇
Pelican18 BuckeyeBeth 8 days ago
Yes, and that's exactly what I was thinking.
Peter_Falk_Fan 10 days ago
10/10 Surprising how I remember things from "The Waltons" since I haven't watched it in years.
Wendy57 10 days ago
Loved The Waltons, until Jim-Bob got married. His character always seemed too immature to be married. To me anyways.
Michael Wendy57 10 days ago
When did Jim Bob get married? He almost did at the end of WWII, to Jennifer Jason Leigh, who pretended to be pregnant.

It was Ben who got married to Cindy, at the beginning of WWII.
Wendy57 Michael 9 days ago
You are totally correct !
I stand corrected. Thank you.
It was Ben. 😊
Pacificsun Wendy57 7 days ago
Same thing. Those boys seemed woefully immature for marriage during either a Depression or the WWII.
Wendy57 Pacificsun 4 days ago
Yes I agree with you.
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