Who was in more episodes of The Waltons?

Do you know who was in every single episode?


The Waltons ran for nine seasons and over 200 episodes. What seemed like a risky bet at a time when wholesome, rural shows were on the way out, the nostalgic drama became one of the most successful TV series of the Seventies.

Most shows that last so long often go through changes over the years. Original cast members leave and new ones join. While some left Walton’s Mountain, there were still plenty of actors who stayed to the end and a few who appeared in all 212 episodes of the show.

We’ve paired up the cast members of this beloved classic. Try to guess who was more episodes!

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  1. Which Walton brother was in more episodes?
  2. Who was in more episodes, Ike or Corabeth Godsey?
  3. Which parent was in more episodes?
  4. Which sister appeared in every single episode?
  5. Which grandparent appeared in more episodes?
  6. Schoolteacher Miss Hunter and Reverend Fordwick eventually married. Who was in more episodes?
  7. Which of these brothers was in more episodes?
  8. Which of these spouses appeared in more episodes?
  9. Who was in more episodes, boardinghouse owner Flossie Brimmer or Cousin Rose?
  10. Which Baldwin sister is in one more episode than the other?

Who was in more episodes of The Waltons?

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CaroleThorpe 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Grandpa Zeb would be proud! Great job!
Michele 26 months ago
10 outta 10 and only by luck! I guessed on the Baldwin sisters! Just luck I got that one right. I don't ever remember them two being apart tbh!
Keith 28 months ago
6/10 The only one I knew for sure that it wasn't John-Boy (Richard Thomas)
Coldnorth 28 months ago
9/10 yipppppeeeee didn’t have hope going in but brain kicked in and only had one ooopppps
LynCarceo 28 months ago
5/10; not good, but it's been awhile since I just sat and watched
KirwoodDerby 28 months ago
I wish we could have been given a few brief explanations to some of these answers.
Debbie KirwoodDerby 27 months ago
I was thinking the same thing
Zip 28 months ago
Boy, for someone who loves The Waltons, I sure didn't do very good.
I knew that Judy Norton wasn't in every episode, because she says so on one of her Youtube videos. But I blew it and guessed wrong between the other two sisters.
Among other wrong guesses.
Pretty good quiz, though, MeTV.
ETristanBooth 28 months ago
8/10. Grandma outlived Grandpa, so I thought she would have been in more episodes. However, she did miss some episodes when she was said to be away visiting relatives.
Gianni862 28 months ago
One of these is incorrect. I dispute. In spite of IMDB listing grandma in one more episode than grandpa. Season 5 lists grandma in several episodes after her stroke. Grandma was in the credits and was talked about but not in many of the episodes after The Rebellion episode or The Ferris Wheel.
GeorgiaReadenour 28 months ago
9/10 missed #6....Grandpa Zeb would be proud!!
DerekBird 28 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Grandpa Zeb would be proud! Great job!
TheFanFromUNCLE 28 months ago
4/10. My mom watched the show more than I did. She must have liked watching them pick cranberries.
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