Can you tell the difference between the Walton brothers?

Do you know your Jim-Bobs from your John-Boys?


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As the character based on creator Earl Hamner Jr. himself, Richard Thomas was undoubtedly the star of The Waltons during its early years. But the series devoted plenty of time to John-Boy’s siblings, especially in later seasons.

We’ve asked how well you know the Walton sisters, now it’s the brothers’ turn! John-Boy, Ben, Jason and Jim-Bob all had distinct personalities that often clashed. But at the end of the day, or at the end of an episode, they could always count on each other.

How well do you know the fab Walton four? Try your luck below!

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  1. Who was the youngest brother?
  2. Who played harmonica, piano and guitar?
  3. Who started his own newspaper, The Blue Ridge Chronicle?
  4. Who was the entrepreneurial brother, selling everything from magazines to molasses to used cars?
  5. Who dated Marcia Woolery?
  6. Who had dreams of becoming a pilot?
  7. Who joined the Navy during World War II?
  8. Who married Toni Hazleton?
  9. Who built a hot rod car and raced motorcycles?
  10. Who got caught smoking cigarettes and had to smoke them until he got sick?
  11. Who once got a job giving relationship advice on the radio?
  12. Which brother was played by two different actors?

Can you tell the difference between the Walton brothers?

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CaroleThorpe 20 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
You know the Walton brothers like you're one of the family! Great job!
Kbreak 31 months ago
I got 8 out of 12, even tho I was told not to write home about it. I did anyway.😳
Shalyn 31 months ago
12/12, no guesses, still a fan!
WJStMarie 31 months ago
Happy 😊 Halidays May we all have a wonderful Christmas And Best New year in 2022❤️
LynCarceo 31 months ago
4/10; not good, but I haven't watched any in awhile
Randall 31 months ago
A good Question would have been WHICH WALTON BROTHER FLIRTED WITH THE IDEA OF BECOMING A PASTOR. Does anyone there know that one?
Randall 31 months ago
Jim Bob.
Allison 32 months ago
9/12 a lot of guesses. Watched the early seasons when they were first on, as a child.
bumblast 32 months ago
I remember that show was on when I was about 7 and thought it was damn boring. That is all.
BigE 32 months ago
8/12 I didn't and still don't really watch the show.
bukhrn 32 months ago
11/12 , an inaccurate finger betrayed me on #11
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