Which three shows did these actors appear in?

Only a classic TV super fan can pass this quiz!

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Some of our favorite classic actors are known for a specific show, and others are known for being in almost every classic series! Actors like Eddie Albert, Buddy Ebsen, Carroll O'Connor and Bea Benaderet can be seen portraying a few of our favorite characters as well as appearing as someone new on another show.

We're giving you ten actors with impressive classic resumes, and we want to know if you can guess which three shows they were on. Good luck!

Note: Each option will include a show the actors were on, but you have to pick the choice where the actor was in all THREE shows to get the correct answer. Some choices will even include shows the actors starred in.

  1. Which three shows did Bea Benaderet make an appearance on?
  2. Which three shows did Don Knotts make an appearance on?
  3. Which three shows did Raymond Burr make an appearance on?
  4. Which three shows did Barbara Billingsley make an appearance on?
  5. What three shows did Carroll O'Connor make an appearance on?
  6. What three shows did Eve Plumb make an appearance on?
  7. What three shows did Buddy Ebsen make an appearance on?
  8. What three shows did Florence Henderson make an appearance on?
  9. What three shows did Carol Burnett make an appearance on?
  10. What three shows did Ross Martin make an appearance on?

Which three shows did these actors appear in?

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