Can you complete these Wagon Train season finale episodes with the right name?

Fill in the names to complete these Wagon Train stories!


At the start of just about every episode of Wagon Train, the title of the episode appears on the screen. A vast majority of those episodes, across eight seasons of the Western, fall under the same format. "The (insert name) Story." 

There are way too many names to remember them all, but what about some of the series best episodes? Below are the last episodes from each season of Wagon Train. Do your best to fill in the correct name to complete the titles of the season finales. 

Good luck!

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  1. Season one had 39 episodes. Fill in the blank to its finale, which is the title of a city! "The _____ Story."
  2. What name completed the season two finale? "The _____ Tannen Story."
  3. Season three ended with "The _____ Bennington Story."
  4. Complete the name for the season four finale episode of Wagon Train. "The _____ Alvarado Story."
  5. What about for season five? "The Heather _____ Story."
  6. What is the season finale episode of season six called? Fill in the blank. "The Barnaby _____ Story."
  7. The season seven finale wasn't a name, but fill in the blank to complete it. "The Last _____ Up."
  8. The series finale to Wagon Train was called... "The _____ Pierce Story."

Can you complete these Wagon Train season finale episodes with the right name?

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abrown61103 1 month ago
This is my first time watching the entire series. Last Friday was the Season 6 finale and on Saturday, Season 8 started. What happened to Season 7? I read that Season 7 was in color, and that people didn't like it, so Season 8 was filmed in B&W again. Why did MeTV skip an entire season? Do they not have the rights to the color episodes? Anyone, Anyone?
Aznewmom abrown61103 1 month ago
Just popped in here to ask the same question. Back to a season 8 B&W episode today. I don’t have the answer, but maybe this can boost so someone answers it. I’m definitely curious.
LynCarrigan 8 months ago
Wagon Train never the same without the beautiful Flint. I fell hard for him, the character, not the actor.
Muleskinner 16 months ago
8/8. I’ve seen them all many times. Wagons Ho!!
Mark 16 months ago
Wagon Train had seven legitimate season finales, but the series ended with a backdoor pilot based on a Charlie Wooster flashback set in the early 1850's.. What a betrayal to it fans past and present.
Herbert 16 months ago
I stay on the trail pretty good.
Maverick66 16 months ago
4/8. Never watched this one regularly. A lot of episodes were too much like a Western soap opera in my opinion.
Wendy57 16 months ago
Missed #3
Wagon Train was a great show.
We live along the Santa Fe Trail now.
CaptainDunsel 16 months ago
You might say, I was bringing up the rear...

Andybandit 16 months ago
I got 0/8. I just watch the show, I don't pay attention to the titles.
CaptainDunsel Andybandit 16 months ago
Sway 16 months ago
4/8.. To answer the question, no.
Mark 16 months ago
5 out of 8. I knew of "The Last Circle Up" and "The Barnaby West Story" (the title character, in the person of Michael Burns, wound up becoming a regular on the series). The rest may have been guesses.
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