Can you tell what show Cesar Romero is in?

From Westerns to sitcoms to dramas, Romero had an extensive list of guest appearances. Can you correctly guess them all?


He was a man of many suits and many roles throughout his time on television. Cesar Romero has been a fan favorite for countless classic TV viewers, thanks to his several appearances across a number of shows. 

Romero is arguably best known for his role as The Joker in Batman (1966), donning the instantly recognizable purple suit. 

His appearances went far beyond the wacky criminal in Gothan City. Can you match these images to the correct show he's featured in?

Good luck!

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  1. Here he is in an episode of...
  2. This is Romero in an episode of...
  3. What about here, what show is this photo from?
  4. Now he has a weapon drawn in...
  5. In this show, he plays the role of Victor Gervais. What is it?
     Image: MGM Television
  6. Here is Romero in an episode of...
     Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  7. Here, he's in an episode of what show, to many applauses upon arrival?
  8. Here he is again in what Western?

Can you tell what show Cesar Romero is in?

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Mark 15 months ago
6 out of 8. And where was his Get Smart appearance?
MikefromJersey 18 months ago
6 for 8. Romero was one of the great scene stealers ever. In Donovans Reef he even dominated
Duke Wayne.
The Hollywood legend that he did the casting couch routine with a young Desi Arnaz is not true,
supposedly some CBS exec Arnaz ran rings around made it up to get even with Desi.
Runeshaper 18 months ago
6/8 Loved Cesar Romero as Joker!
Coldnorth 18 months ago
2/8 as I hang my head in shame. Terrible score
CaptainZoom 18 months ago
5/8. Those westerns done blew me off the trail.
Deleted 18 months ago
This comment has been removed.
AllisonWunderland 18 months ago
What was your score? 🤷‍♀️
MikefromJersey 18 months ago
Man From Uncle! It's time MeTV ran it, put Barnaby Jones out to pasture to make room.
And how about running Run For Your Life? It's Christmas episode has of late been
rediscovered and lauded big time.
Titled "Time and a Half on Christmas Eve" with Ernest Borgnine, it is outstanding,
so well written you'd have to watch it 3 times to pick up on everything.
Many of the Run For Your Life episodes soar to the level of The Naked City and
Route 66. And Ed Asner maintained Route 66 was the best written series ever.
Mark 15 months ago
Cozi TV ran Run For Your Life a while ago, all but two episodes. It was great to reacquaint myself with that underrated series and the wonderful Ben Gazzara.
MikefromJersey 15 months ago
That's where I saw Run For Your Life, on Cozi TV. I remember they were missing 2 episodes,
if you recall their titles can you please tell me? Cozi ran washed out copies of the episodes
and I wasn't a fan of their editing choices, plus they would run part 2 first of a two part
episode. Then run part 1 three days later.
The 2 episodes with Kim Darby were outstanding and a perfect take on the "60's" for those
who were born later. The one titled "Carol" is without a doubt in the top 10 episodes of series television from that decade.
The entire run of Barnaby Jones doesn't amount in quality to 2 seconds of it.
Nice to see another Run For Your Life fan here, Mark.
JERRY6 18 months ago
7 of 8 missed the first one of curse just watched him on the sow
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