How well do you remember the ''Good-bye Radar'' episode of M*A*S*H?

It was a sad day at the 4077th when Radar O'Reilly departed for Iowa.

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When M*A*S*H made changes to the cast, fans seemingly either supported it or had a tough time handling the changes. 

Henry Blake's shocking departure, Trapper John not returning, Frank Burns leaving and Radar O'Reilly being discharged early in season eight. All changes caused a reaction from millions of M*A*S*H fans around the world. 

How well do you remember when Radar left the 4077th? Can you recall these details of the season eight two-part episode?

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  1. How much money does Radar offer up as a bribe to be on the next flight back to the 4077th, after his R&R?
  2. What is the name of this woman?
  3. While Hawkeye is complaining about the lack of electricity, Col. Potter says, "Generators are mighty scarce, it'd be easier to find a buffalo in _____." What does he say?
  4. What news does Radar learn as the "To Be Continued" message appears on the screen?
  5. As Klinger explains how bad he is at keeping things organized, he says, "when I was a kid my mother pinned my _____ to my sleeve." What was pinned to his sleeve?
  6. What does Radar say after he gets a kiss from Houlihan?
  7. When wounded come in as Radar is leaving, what does Houlihan frantically say to him?
  8. What does Radar give Klinger before he leaves?
  9. Who salutes his goodbye to Radar as he looks through the O.R. door?
  10. At the end of the episode, what does Radar leave behind, something the group finds at the same time?

How well do you remember the ''Good-bye Radar'' episode of M*A*S*H?

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JHP 7 months ago
7/10 and the actress in #2 _WOW! she was an angel on the screen:) Really like this ep
BenSobeleone 8 months ago
They shot a spinoff pilot of M*A*S*H for Radar on CBS. The title of the show: W*A*L*T*E*R. I've seen the pilot on youtube. Radar becomes a cop. It was awful!
leebilly2 9 months ago

David leebilly2 8 months ago
?? A bird. ?
David leebilly2 8 months ago
"I'm their leader" . . . . corny.
JHP leebilly2 7 months ago
ah yes the ol' morning dove:)
Maverick66 9 months ago
5/10. The memory is the first thing to go. I thought I'd ace this one.
Peter_Falk_Fan 9 months ago
6/10 I haven't seen this episode in a while, but I remembered the buffalo quote.
Sway 9 months ago
5/10, yeah it’s been a while since I saw that episode
Snickers 9 months ago
5/10, never was a big M*A*S*H fan.
David Snickers 8 months ago
Yikes . . that's a shame.
tnminnow 9 months ago
2/10 hadn't seen it in 40 years. I bet you couldn't tell. 😂
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