Who is in more episodes of Wagon Train?

Which cast members and famous guest stars joined the train more often?


Before The Love Boat brought famous faces aboard for intertwining stories every week, Wagon Train did the same over a decade earlier. You could say the classic Western helped pioneer the formula… see what we did there? 

Dozens of movie stars, comedians and beloved TV actors joined the train, most for multiple episodes. 

We’ve paired up the regular cast members and famous guest stars. Can you guess who was in more Wagon Train episodes?

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  1. Which Wagon Master is in more episodes?
  2. Which long-running character is in more episodes?
  3. Which of these frontier scouts is in more episodes?
  4. Which of these later characters is in more episodes?
  5. Which of these Rifleman stars is in more episodes?
  6. Who is in more episodes, Spock or Khan?
  7. Which of these horror film icons is in more episodes?
  8. Which of these future movie stars is in more episodes?
  9. Which of these screen legends is in more episodes?
  10. Both these characters are a long way from Hooterville. Who is in more episodes?
  11. Which of these classic comedians is in more episodes?
  12. Which of these Gilligan's Island castaways is in more episodes?

Who is in more episodes of Wagon Train?

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JMike 20 months ago
8/12 - I really thought I'd do better than that. 😢
BuckeyeBeth 24 months ago
10/12 pretty darn good considering I guessed at most of them. But I did take time with each question to weight my options.
BuckeyeBeth7 27 months ago
7/12 I thought I was doing all right but then I completely blew it with four wrong in a row at the end.
Robertp 28 months ago
11/12. Wagon Train is just good tv. Really enjoyed LouCostello. He was really good in a more serious roll.
RichLorn 28 months ago
I don't recall Wagon Train ever *getting* anyplace, so I'm taking up a collection to buy them a compass.
Pacificsun RichLorn 28 months ago
OMH, for the number of years it ran, how many times did it cross the United States.

And did it only go in one direction??
iluvwesterns 28 months ago
11/12. Wagon Train was a great show. how about bringing the Virginian to the lineup? One of the best westerns ever.
Shatner1 28 months ago
6/12! That's as bad as I've gotten!!!!!
Mark 28 months ago
Three years ago as part of METV's "Summer of Me" the network broadcast 31 of the 32 Wagon Train season 7 color 90 minute episodes. I would love to see those episodes on METV again this summer
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