Who is wearing these Christmas sweaters and outfits on Full House?

Sweaters were a common theme during holiday season at the Tanner household.

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Very few things hold back the Tanner family from participating in holiday tradition. 

From bringing in the tree to decorating the classic San Francisco home, the Tanner family goes all in. During the holiday episodes, there are plenty of memorable sweaters and outfits to fit the holiday theme. 

We've asked you who is wearing costumes on Full House before, now we want to know if you can remember who is wearing these sweaters and Christmas outfits! 

Look at the images below and see if you can match these outfits to the correct Full House character! And no, not every crazy outfit in this quiz is Joey!

  1. Who sports this festive sweater?
  2. What about this red shirt with green overalls?
  3. Can you recall who wears this sweater?
  4. This outfit is perfect for a family Christmas party! Who is wearing it?
  5. What about this one?
  6. This person is wearing a cup-holding Christmas tree tie. Can you tell who is wearing it in this scene?
  7. Who is bundled up with these festive colors?
  8. Who dresses up in this bunny costume with a Santa hat?
  9. Back to sweaters... Who is wearing this one?
  10. Do you know who makes a phone call wearing this presents-themed outfit?

Who is wearing these Christmas sweaters and outfits on Full House?

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AllyF75 13 months ago
I love full house but I only got 6 out of 10.
Concrete64 14 months ago
3/10 haven't watched the show in quite a while.
Fluffybear30269 14 months ago
8/10 - Pretty good for someone who has never watched a single episode of Full House
jtrain 14 months ago
2/10, Full House is not a show I watch.
JHP 14 months ago
well Me-Tv - you have hit something with me ; I really despise FH (or better yet known as Sh*t House). There is one thing I cannot wear in this life is one of those sweaters.

I have the same vicuna coat as Klinger:)
Muleskinner 14 months ago
5/10. All guesses. I’ve never seen the show.
Bricat2001 14 months ago
4/10 oof, i only like the earlier seasons before lori came on and ruined the show :P
Maverick66 14 months ago
I don't know who's wearing which sweater, but I know who's not taking this quiz because he doesn't care: me.
LoveMETV22 Maverick66 14 months ago
Sorry to hear you don't like sweaters. Perhaps a sweatshirt or jersey quiz....LOL
Maverick66 LoveMETV22 14 months ago
Not if it involves Full House. It's not sweaters that I don't like, it's the treacle on FH.
LoveMETV22 Maverick66 14 months ago
" treacle"- Now there's a word you don't hear often. I'm surprised they haven't done an ugly sweater quiz yet, I think they have in the past....However they still have a few days.
Wendy57 Maverick66 14 months ago
The only time Full House is good is when I play poker. Can’t stand the show ! 🤮
Peter_Falk_Fan 14 months ago
7/10 Some lucky guesses. #6 was easy because of the wedding ring.
Big3Fan 14 months ago
Four. To heck with a better score, I think I'll call Santa and ask for a better show.
teire 14 months ago
Only four right, yikes.
Michael teire 14 months ago
You must be doing something right.
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