Who was in more episodes of Gunsmoke?

Chester or Festus? Doc Adams or Kitty?


James Arness played Marshal Matt Dillon in 635 episodes of Gunsmoke, the only cast member to appear in every single one. While fellow regulars Amanda Blake and Milburn Stone can't top that, they were both in more than 500 episodes — a significant achievement by any standard!

Whether it was regular cast members, recurring characters or famous guest stars, countless actors appeared in Dodge City dozens or even hundreds of times. Take a look at these actor pairings and try to guess who was in more episodes of Gunsmoke!

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  1. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  2. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  3. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  4. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  5. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  6. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  7. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  8. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  9. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  10. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  11. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?
  12. Who appeared in more Gunsmoke episodes?

Who was in more episodes of Gunsmoke?

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gort53 30 months ago
I've read here & other sites that James Arness appeared in all 635 episodes. I just watched year 20 episode 19 Brides & Grooms on my local MeTV station. If James Arness was in this episode, MeTV edited him out. And that's possible, maybe probable given the desire to cut scenes for more commercials. I've noticed credits at the end of episodes for people I never saw on screen. So how about it MeTV....Did Arness appear in this episode? And why would you edit out the 30 seconds he would have appeared? What's the truth?
TomLawrence gort53 27 months ago
James Arness was in every episode. In the last few seasons, he sometimes was only in a scene or two at the start or finish. Those are usually good ones to skip.
LynCarceo 41 months ago
6 out of 12. I didn't have a clue.
Ninnjette 41 months ago
This one destroyed me LOL.. 3 out of 12...
mslover 42 months ago
11/12 guessed correctly on a couple that were only an episode or two different.
MaryHelen 42 months ago
#3 is wrong-- d weaver was in 9 seasons, while ken curtis was in 11 seasons.
TobyTyler2 MaryHelen 41 months ago
Good catch. IMDB shows Ken Curtis 306 episodes to Dennis Weaver 290 episodes.
MeTV needs to correct that answer.
LynCarceo TobyTyler2 41 months ago
Thank you! I thought Festus was in more than Chester.
fivecents 42 months ago
6/12 .... thought I'd have done better, I love the old B/W Gunsmoke, watch it daily.
RoberttheWallace 42 months ago
Awesome quiz--so many great actors to have appeared on Gunsmoke; just watched one of my favorite scify flicks on Svengoolie last night with the great James Arness: " The Thing From Another World ". . . Super movie. One of the few films where the Original movie is equal in entertainment, suspense, and superior quality with its remake { with Kurt Russell's 1980 " The Thing " by John Carpenter }! ;
Kaydee 42 months ago
8/12...I believe actor Victor French (Mr. Edwards "Little House on the Prairie") was in the most episodes on Gunsmoke, and he was a really great actor too.
Cowgirl 42 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Hold yer taters, you were fine as frogs hair on this here quiz!
#3 is wrong. Ken Curtis was in 306 episodes while Dennis Weaver was in 290 episodes.
fivecents Cowgirl 42 months ago
I knew Ken Curtis was in alot of episodes, even some where he didn't play his trademark Festus charactor. However, I loved Dennis Weaver more as Matt's sidekick, always good for a laugh
Cowgirl fivecents 42 months ago
Yes, Ken Curtis was in quite a few episodes before he became Festus. The difference between his normal speaking voice & his Festus voice is amazing. I loved hearing him sing & like Pernell Roberts on Bonanza, he didn't get to do it enough on the show. I wonder what the show would have been like with if Dennis Weaver & Burt Reynolds had stayed on it along with Ken Curtis. I read somewhere that Dennis Weaver said he always regretted the decision for his character to have a stiff leg in the show. I don't know if you've ever heard Ken Curtis sing, but you can find videos of him on You Tube. He was a member of the Sons of the Pioneers & their lead singer for several years. They were in the movie Rio Grande with John Wayne. Ken had a beautiful voice.
flipdave 42 months ago
According to IMdb Ken Curtis appeared in more episodes than Dennis Weaver; Curtis had 306, Weaver 290!
TonyDStrong 42 months ago
You got 5 out of 12
I did a GOOD JOB on the quiz.
Where's my treat?
john 42 months ago
Watching INSP network really paid off 12/12. I blowed it away.
dodgebob 42 months ago
It's as if I never watched, 5/12, get a rope, smack that horse hard and let me swing.
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