Land of the Giants

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In the futuristic year 1983, a sub-orbital transport spacecraft carrying passengers from Los Angeles to London encounters a strange space storm and is transported to a planet where everything is 12 times bigger than its earthly counterpart. Led by Captain Steve Burton (Gary Conway), the crash-landed survivors look for a way home while fighting for survival in a giant, hostile world controlled by an authoritarian government bent on their capture.

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  • 5/26 3:00AMGenius at Work
    "A giant boy genius develops a pill that can transform Earthlings into giants. Fitzhugh becomes the first test subject and is eager to take advantage of his newfound status."
  • 6/2 3:00AMReturn of Inidu
    "When a giant magician saves the Earthlings from two rascals, they return return the favor helping stop a man who wants his magic book."
  • 6/9 3:00AMRescue
    "The Earthlings inadvertently cause a cave-in that traps two giant children, and Steve and Dan volunteer their services to Kobick to help rescue the children."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
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Ep 1: The Crash

The Spindrift is drawn through a space warp and crashes on a planet where everything is twelve times larger than Earth. They must quickly learn to deal with a hostile environment while becoming the target of giant scientists who want to capture and study them.

Ep 2: Ghost Town

A Giant eccentric builds a Earthling-sized village, but when the Earthlings stumble into it, the man's sadistic daughter decides to have fun with her new "playthings."

Ep 3: Framed

The Earthlings help a tramp who is framed for murder by a photographer.

Ep 4: Underground

The Earthlings help out giants who are resisting the tyrannical Giant government.

Ep 5: Terror-Go-Round

Giant Gypsies capture Fitzhugh and Barry and prepare to use them as exhibits.

Ep 6: The Flight Plan

The Spindrift party encounter an amnesiac Earthling who has been stranded on the planet for some time. However, it soon becomes clear that the newcomer isn't what he claims.

Ep 7: Manhunt

An escaped convict stumbles across the Spindrift and takes it with him, leaving half the group stranded and the other half trapped inside the ship, as the man falls into quicksand.

Ep 8: The Trap

A giant scientist and his assistant hunt the Earthlings using a sound detector from which there is no escape.

Ep 9: The Creed

When Barry is struck by appendicitis, the Earthlings have no choice but to seek out a Giant doctor for assistance.

Ep 10: Double Cross

An amnesiac Fitzhugh helps two Giant thieves with a robbery.

Ep 11: The Weird World

The Earthlings find a fellow Earthling, Major Kagan, but the man has become paranoid from years of living on his own. His actions soon endanger the entire group.

Ep 12: The Golden Cage

Mark meets a fellow earthling, a young girl who he develops romantic feelings. However, he's unaware that the giants are using her as a test subject... and as bait to attract more Earthlings.

Ep 13: The Lost Ones

Four rebellious teenage boys are stranded on the Land of the Giants when their shuttle crashes. The Spindrift crew meets them and hostilities soon break out.

Ep 14: Brainwash

The giants develop a contact truth serum and plan to interrogate a captured Steve, forcing him to lead them to a secret communication base that a previous Earth expedition established.

Ep 15: Bounty Hunter

The giants step up their efforts to find the Earthlings, and Barry befriends a giant girl who can help them.

Ep 16: On a Clear Night, You Can See Earth

A giant scientist develops a pair of infra-red goggles which lets him easily track the Earthlings.

Ep 17: Deadly Lodestone

A new giant inspector comes up with a way to track a metal unique to Earth. The Spindrift crew initially manages to get rid of all of it... until they realize that Dan has a metal pin in his leg made of the material.

Ep 18: Night of Thrombeldinbar

Fitzhuge pretends to be a magical holiday elf to entertain two orphan children. But the ruse turns deadly when he discovers that the giants ritually throw Thrombeldinbar into a fire to celebrate the holiday.

Ep 19: Seven Little Indians

Kobick captures Chipper and uses the dog as bait to lure in the Earthlings one by one.

Ep 20: Target: Earth

Two giant scientists convince Mark to help them develop a spaceship so they can return the Spindrift crew to Earth.

Ep 21: Genius at Work

A giant boy genius develops a pill that can transform Earthlings into giants. Fitzhugh becomes the first test subject and is eager to take advantage of his newfound status.

Ep 22: Return of Inidu

When a giant magician saves the Earthlings from two rascals, they return return the favor helping stop a man who wants his magic book.

Ep 23: Rescue

The Earthlings inadvertently cause a cave-in that traps two giant children, and Steve and Dan volunteer their services to Kobick to help rescue the children.

Ep 24: Sabotage

A new giant security chief finds himself at odds with a senator championing the Earthling'ss cause. So he decides to eliminate two birds with one stone by killing Obek and framing the Earthlings for his death.

Ep 25: Shell Game

A deaf boy tracks Fitzhugh to the Spindrift and takes it home to the seafront community where he lives. The Earthlings must recover it, and their only bargaining chip is their advanced knowledge with which they can build a hearing aid for the boy.

Ep 26: The Chase

Inspector Kobick forces the Earthlings to help him deal with a ring of counterfeiters by holding some of their number hostage.

Ep 1: The Mechanical Man

The castaways agree to help a professor fix his robot creation in exchange for help returning to Earth. But the professor proves to be less than trustworthy.

Ep 2: Six Hours to Live

A giant has been framed for a murder he didn't commit and now awaits execution for the crime.

Ep 3: The Inside Rail

Fitzhugh comes up with a foolproof betting system to win at the tracks. However, when he convinces a giant hobo to help him place his bets, the local criminals become suspicious.

Ep 4: Deadly Pawn

An eccentric industrialist with an obsession for chess captures several of the Earthlings and forces Barry to play his own twisted version of chess... with his friends as the pieces, and on a board rigged with deadly traps.

Ep 5: The Unsuspected

While fleeing the giants, Steve is exposed to hallucinogenic mushroom spores and becomes a raving paranoid who makes an alliance with Inspector Kobick to turn in his fellow Earthlings.

Ep 6: Giants and All That Jazz

A down-and-put trumpet player is in trouble with crooks, and a sympathetic Dan offers him a way out by teaching him Earth-style jazz.

Ep 7: Collector's Item

A nephew schemes against his uncle, a collector, and captures Valerie. He forces her to pretend to be a toy ballerina... unaware that the display cage she's in is rigged with explosives.

Ep 8: Every Dog Needs a Boy

When Clipper is injured by a giant dog, the Earthlings must take him to a pet store owner, but his employee isn't so sympathetic.

Ep 9: Chamber of Fear

Diamond thieves take refuge in a wax museum, and Fitzhugh and Barry are caught in the middle.

Ep 10: Comeback

A desperate actor captures the Earthlings, and forces them to act in his new movie so he can help the director save money on special effects.

Ep 11: The Clones

Two giant scientists capture Barry, Valerie, Fitzhugh, and Dan, and use them in a cloning experiment.

Ep 12: The Place Called Earth

A pair of time travelers from Earth's distant future are sent back to the past by their superiors on a mission of observation. However, the pair use the trip to plot for the eventual takeover of Earth, using the castaways as unwitting accomplices.

Ep 13: Land of the Lost

After an air balloon accident, the castaways drift to the other side of the planet where they find a society run by a dictator, oblivious to their existence. Now, Steve must prove life on the other side of the planet or the castaways will die by his hand.

Ep 14: Home Sweet Home

The Earthlings find an abandoned time machine, but when Fitzhugh accidentally activates it, he and Steve end up on Earth... in the 1900s.

Ep 15: Our Man O'Reilly

A superstitious Irish Giant mistakes the Earthlings for leprechauns and captures them so they can help him.

Ep 16: Nightmare

The Earthlings work with a sympathetic Giant college student to get a reactor for their spaceship, but when it malfunctions they are plagued by hallucinations.

Ep 17: Pay the Piper

An alien Pied Piper, who claims to be the original from Earth, comes to the Land of the Giants and targets a politician's daughter.

Ep 18: The Secret City of Limbo

The Earthlings stumbles upon a miniature teleporter which gives access to the secret city of Limbo, whose inhabitants have hidden from the dictatorship of the surface people.

Ep 19: Panic

A friendly Giant scientist tries to help the Earthlings with his teleporter, but the SID find out about his sympathies and set a trap.

Ep 20: The Deadly Dart

Dan is accused of murdering two Giants and begins acting oddly, arousing his crewmates' suspicions.

Ep 21: Doomsday

A rival power plots to destroy the nearby city, and the Earthlings are forced to help Inspector Kobick.

Ep 22: A Small War

A sadistic child discovers the Earthlings and unleashes his mechanical toys against them.

Ep 23: The Marionettes

When the Earthlings help a sympathetic Giant puppeteer as his new puppets, the circus owner becomes suspicious and plans to collect the reward for their capture.

Ep 24: Wild Journey

When human time travelers from the future arrive on the Land of the Giants for a research mission, Steve and Dan steal their time machine and try to return to the day of the Spindrift launch to prevent the fateful trip.

Ep 25: Graveyard of Fools

Twin brothers plot to take over the planet, and send the Earthlings to the Graveyard of Fools, a place fraught with hallucinatory visions, to recover an alien servo-actuator for them.