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Starring Eric Flemming and Clint Eastwood, 'Rawhide' follows a group of cattle drivers as they push a giant herd through the Wild West of the 1860s. Encountering adventure and peril along the way, the men come to the aid of distressed locals and fellow herders snagged by trouble.

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Ep 1: Incident of the Tumbleweed

After two lawmen are killed while moving a prison wagon to Ft. Craig, Gil and Rowdy volunteer to bring its seven dangerous convicts to trial. Meanwhile, the outlaw husband of one prisoner follows in pursuit. Aired: 1/9/1959

Ep 2: Incident at Alabaster Plain

Looking for water, the drive arrives at a mission where Rowdy's wartime friend (they spent time together in a POW camp) is getting married. The bride's stepbrother, a murderer 16 times over, has returned to claim his share of the family fortune. Aired: 1/16/1959

Ep 3: Incident with an Executioner

After rescuing the passengers of an overturned stagecoach, the drovers learn that a gunman known as "The Executioner" has been harassing the travelers. Aired: 1/23/1959

Ep 4: Incident of the Widowed Dove

Rowdy tries to help Clovis leave her sheriff husband. Aired: 1/30/1959

Ep 5: Incident on the Edge of Madness

On the drive north, the cowhands desert because they are still bitter about the Civil War. Gil and Rowdy try to get them to come back and discover that a woman is behind it. She and her cohorts are planning on setting up a new Confederacy. Aired: 2/6/1959

Ep 6: Incident of the Power and the Plow

Gil Favor gets permission from rancher Jed Reston to drive his herd over Reston's land. He discovers, however, that Reston has a bigoted attitude toward indians, particularly a local Comanche named Taslatch, who wants to be a farmer and has paid for a mail-order plow. Aired: 2/13/1959

Ep 7: Incident at Barker Springs

Brazo, a retired gunfighter, attempts to keep his kid brother from taking up the family business. Aired: 2/20/1959

Ep 8: Incident West of Lano

Four stranded women provide a love interest and a complication for Favor. A freight hauler with a gunfighter says he's using the only river crossing first. Aired: 2/27/1959

Ep 9: Incident of the Town in Terror

When Rowdy and two steers are thought to have anthrax, the only medical help is a young lady with two years of nursing school. Complicating matters is the fact that her town doesn't want anything to do with the drovers or the herd. Aired: 3/4/1959

Ep 10: Incident of the Golden Calf

Brother Bent, the newest drover, sparks gold fever when he flashes a huge nugget. Aired: 3/13/1959

Ep 11: Incident of the Coyote Weed

Banditos, inside and outside, threaten the herd and the drovers. Aired: 3/20/1959

Ep 12: Incident of the Chubasco

In need of more hands to get the herd through a dangerous plateau, Gil has no choice but to hire men who may not be of drover mettle. Furthermore, one hired hand hides something that could put the whole enterprise at risk. Aired: 4/3/1959

Ep 13: Incident of the Curious Street

While out looking for strays, Favor and Rowdy enter a deserted mining town and discover that a woman and her daughter are being held hostage by two men. Aired: 4/10/1959

Ep 14: Incident of the Dog Days

After hiring drovers of questionable character and wanting to move the herd through a dry plain, Favor finds that his decisions have backfired on him. Aired: 4/17/1959

Ep 15: Incident of the Calico Gun

Favor and Pete find Jenny Watson outside a burned cabin. Favor invites Jenny to ride along to Silver Junction. Little do Favor and Pete know, Jenny is in cahoots with three brothers to rob Favor of the drive's payroll. Aired: 4/24/1959

Ep 16: Incident of the Misplaced Indians

Rowdy finds two indians dead outside a house. Amelia Spaulding is inside singing and making candy. Aired: 5/1/1959

Ep 17: Incident of Fear in the Streets

When Pete is hurt by a steer, Gil and Rowdy try to find a doctor. They ride into a nearby town but end up as victims of a vicious gang that has taken over the town. Aired: 5/8/1959

Ep 18: Incident Below the Brazos

Favor's welcome to Paradise Valley is a group of gun toting farmers warning the herd that they better not damage their property. Lightning stampedes the remuda and kills farmer Ken Wade. His wife urges Eli to avenge her husband's death. Aired: 5/15/1959

Ep 19: Incident of the Dry Drive

Jess Hode, a bitter ex-trailboss, demands half of Favor's herd in exchange for the only water around. Jess' son stands by him but soon comes to see through his old man. Aired: 5/22/1959

Ep 20: Incident of the Judas Trap

Smirking wolver Brad Morgan has promised three well-set women that he'd run off with them. Conveniently, one just rebuffed scout Pete's plea to get back together. The Morgan sets up Pete to take the fall for murdering saloon owner Nora Sage. Aired: 6/5/1959

Ep 21: Incident in No Man's Land

Favor and Rowdy ride into a settlement of women to find out the source of explosions threatening to stampede the herd. The women are the wives and girlfriends of the convicts working at a contract prison camp. Todd McCauley has one month to go, but fears he won't be released, prompting him to orchestrate a breakout. Aired: 6/12/1959

Ep 22: Incident of a Burst of Evil

A badly beaten man says that Comancheros are planning to take the herd. Rowdy befriends a woman, once a countess, now being held by the Comancheros. She sneaks a mirror into Rowdy's saddlebag for the kindness he has shown. At a trading post the mirror is identified as one taken in a Comanche raid. Aired: 6/26/1959

Ep 23: Incident of the Roman Candles

Pete and Quince find young Davey Colby, who says Indians killed his father and grandfather and carried off his mother. However, the local sheriff tells Favor that there are no indians within 100 miles. Aired: 7/10/1959

Ep 24: Incident of the Day of the Dead

Rowdy goes to town to pick up the mail for the men and stops a runaway horse. Luisa, a rancher, sees it and tries to get Rowdy to work for her. Aired: 9/18/1959

Ep 25: Incident at Dangerfield Dip

A badly wounded woman arrives at the camp and a short time later dies. Gil and Rowdy come across her baby while out searching for strays. A cowboy soon arrives who claims to be the baby's father. Aired: 10/2/1959

Ep 26: Incident of the Shambling Man

When a delusional old man attacks the passing drovers, his daughter-in-law enlists Gil and Rowdy's help with the powerful ex-boxing champ. The marshal, who made the town safe, is now drunk on his own power, enforcing petty rules. Factoring heavily into the situation is that the daughter-in-law is exquisite and widowed. Aired: 10/9/1959

Ep 27: Incident at Jacob's Well

When Gil can't help out drought stricken farmers with their request for horses, one desperate farmer decides to take matters into his own hands. Aired: 10/16/1959

Ep 28: Incident of the Thirteenth Man

Ailing from a toothache, Wish rides into Blanton to see Gene Matson, surgeon, dentist and undertaker, along with Rowdy. However, the pair gets impounded for the jury of Matson's murder trial, as he is accused of killing an indian agent. Aired: 10/23/1959

Ep 29: Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse

With a brush fire closing in on the herd, Favor is waylaid by an outlaw who sends him after stolen money. Aired: 10/30/1959

Ep 30: Incident of the Haunted Hills

The herd is in desperate need of water. Indian drover Tasunka knows where an ample water supply can be found. The problem, however, is that it is located in hostile indian country. Aired: 11/6/1959

Ep 31: Incident of the Stalking Death

Gil shoots and wounds a puma while out scouting for the cattle drive. The puma escapes and kills the young son of a local rancher's widow. Gil and the guys go on the hunt for the puma along with a friend of the widow, who also happens to want to kill Gil because he's jealous of the attention the widow shows him. Aired: 11/13/1959

Ep 32: Incident of the Valley in Shadow

Driving a herd through Cheyenne country, Favor finds out some of his hands may have hired on for more than just the beeves. There is a large reward being offered for a white girl who has been missing since she was a small child. Aired: 11/20/1959

Ep 33: Incident of the Blue Fire

A stranger joins the drive, bringing with him St. Elmo's Fire and avenging Commanches. Gil treats the young loner as a little brother, but wrangler Hey Soos preaches that the youngster's bad luck will bring death. As the testy drovers battle a series of storms, Gil's leadership is questioned. Aired: 12/11/1959

Ep 34: Incident at Spanish Rock

Rowdy and Gil come across a group of Mexican soldiers. The soldiers claim that Frank Volaro, one of the hands, is the son of a revolutionary leader and demand that he be handed over to them. Aired: 12/18/1959

Ep 35: Incident of the Druid's Curse

Professor Lismore and his daughter, Mave, have come to Texas from Boston to look for rumored Druid stones. After overhearing the professor speaking about the supposed stones, three drovers kidnap him and Mave, demanding that they take them to the "treasure." Aired: 1/8/1960

Ep 36: Incident at Red River Station

After contracting smallpox, Favor and Rowdy leave the herd to look for the vaccine. Aired: 1/15/1960

Ep 37: Incident of the Devil and His Due

Favor goes on trial for murder while the wranglers search for the real culprits—an outlaw band on the lam. Aired: 1/22/1960

Ep 38: Incident of the Wanted Painter

A guerrilla leader, a hotheaded marshal and an artist are key figures in this tale of misunderstandings and murder. Aired: 1/29/1960

Ep 39: Incident of the Tinker's Dam

Wishbone's playboy brother lands in a heap of trouble after romancing a stony Indian chief's wife. Aired: 2/5/1960

Ep 40: Incident of the Night Horse

Favor clashes with his old enemy, Jed Carst, a crude, illiterate man obsessed with capturing a wild stallion. Aired: 2/19/1960

Ep 41: Incident of the Sharpshooter

A posse gives up looking for two outlaws, Vance and his partner. They then come upon the body of a lawyer ambushed by indians. Vance decides to pose as Jonathan Williams, attorney at law. Aired: 2/26/1960

Ep 42: Incident of the Dust Flower

An easterner and his daughter are heading west when they have an accident. Pete Nolan and some friends help them out, and they go on. Later, the girl mysteriously disappears. Aired: 3/4/1960

Ep 43: Incident at Sulphur Creek

After horse thieves hit the herd, the drive is at a standstill while Pete Nolan scouts for replacements. Aired: 3/11/1960

Ep 44: Incident of the Champagne Bottles

When the drovers come across a slow-moving wagon carrying champagne, all is not what it seems and everyone is in danger. Aired: 3/18/1960

Ep 45: Incident of the Stargazer

Pete Nolan attempts to take an astronomer's wife back home to an observatory in the middle of nowhere. When they arrive they are met by an indian woman and a man who claims to be the astronomer. Aired: 4/1/1960

Ep 46: Incident of the Dancing Death

When a horse stolen from the drovers is found next to the body of a Gypsy prince, the Gypsies accuse the drovers of murder. Aired: 4/8/1960

Ep 47: Incident of the Arana Sacar

A man called Pagan talks the drovers into visiting a nearby trading post for liquor. When they return, the herd is gone. Aired: 4/22/1960

Ep 48: Incident of the Deserter

Wishbone has grown tired of all the jokes about his cooking. He leaves the cattle drive for romance and to start a restaurant. Aired: 4/29/1960

Ep 49: Incident of the One Hundred Amulets

Hey Soos's mother, Rosa, is branded a witch, and blamed for the lack of rain and an eclipse. Aired: 5/6/1960

Ep 50: Incident of the Murder Steer

A series of murders occurs after four men join the cattle drive. The murders all have one thing in common: A steer appears after each death with the word "murder" branded on it. Aired: 5/13/1960

Ep 51: Incident of the Music Maker

Anton Zwahlen is burying his wife, Freida. He asks to travel with the herd for a couple of days. He offers to clean and oil everyone's guns but instead sabotages them by filing down all the firing pins. This is part of a plan by Anton's relatives to rustle the cattle. Aired: 5/20/1960

Ep 52: Incident of the Silent Web

Jeannie watches from a distance as John Taggert kills her father, Henry, and leaves. An ex-con comes and takes Henry's clothes and catches Jeannie. He passes himself off as Henry and his little girl, Carie, who doesn't speak. Aired: 6/3/1960

Ep 53: Incident of the Last Chance

A pair of newlyweds from Boston joins the cattle drive after their wagon is washed away in a flash flood. Aired: 6/10/1960

Ep 54: Incident of the Garden of Eden

Rowdy is sent to buy some cattle to replace those lost during the drive. He finds some but they are owned by an Englishman, Sir Richard Ashley, who doesn't want to sell. Ashley's daughter, however, promises to work out a deal. Aired: 6/17/1960

Ep 55: Incident at Rojo Canyon

Favor and a calvary detachment led by Sargeant Matson swear that if they didn't know better they'd think they were under attack from a military unit. Aired: 9/30/1960

Ep 56: Incident of the Challenge

Favor gets knocked off his horse and knocked out. Mitla finds him and cares for him until he wakes. Favor is grateful and joins Mitla in his search for Julia Garcia, a girl said to possess magical powers. Aired: 10/14/1960

Ep 57: Incident at Dragoon Crossing

Favor falls ill while leading the herd on a contended route. The main disputer, another trail boss, takes Favor's place, which raises eyebrows. Aired: 10/21/1960

Ep 58: Incident of the Night Visitor

Following the death of his mother, 12-year-old Joey Gardner sets out in search of the father who left him at birth. The only clues he has to his identity are that he is a drover, has a scar below his left ear and his initials are G.F. Aired: 11/4/1960

Ep 59: Incident of the Slavemaster

Mrs. Bradley pulls a gun on Victor Laurier, who led a POW camp during the war, and wants to know where her husband is. She knows he isn't dead, having received a letter from him four years after he was supposed to have died. Victor says that at the end of the war, he sent 27 union soldiers and three guards east, but they never reached their destination. Mrs. Bradley got a letter from her husband four years after he was supposed to have died. Aired: 11/11/1960

Ep 60: Incident on the Road to Yesterday

Ralph Bartlet asks Favor to return $250 to a stage line he held up and check on his first love. Aired: 11/18/1960

Ep 61: Incident at Superstition Prairie

Wishbone tries to help an old Indian man left in a cave to die by his tribe, bringing the man back to his people. Insulted, the Indians seek to punish the entire cattle drive. Aired: 12/2/1960

Ep 62: Incident at Poco Tiempo

The Poco Tiempo bank has been robbed. Rowdy and Quince are suspects and taken to two nuns to be identified. They say they are not the men. Two desperadoes are holding Father Sebastian until the nuns deliver the money to Blainesville. Aired: 12/9/1960

Ep 63: Incident of the Captive

Mushy's no-nonsense mom foils a stage robbery on her way to see him. Martha Mushgrove pulled down one highwayman's mask to slap him, so the robbers track her to eliminate a witness. Meanwhile her son, all-thumbs Harkness Mushgrove III, begs Gil to train him to be a drover, to impress Mom. Aired: 12/16/1960

Ep 64: Incident of the Buffalo Soldier

Rowdy chases after a buffalo soldier who has killed another soldier and has taken off on his horse. Aired: 1/1/1961

Ep 65: Incident of the Broken Word

Ben Foley resorts to murder to hide the fact that the cattle he is selling to Favor are diseased. Aired: 1/20/1961

Ep 66: Incident at the Top of the World

There's a new drover who has spent the past five years in an Army hospital and is addicted to morphine. Aired: 1/27/1961

Ep 67: Incident Near the Promised Land

The drive has reached Sedalia but there is a bank scare and no buyers. Favor must deal with bitter Emma Caldwell to graze the herd. Aired: 2/3/1961

Ep 68: Incident of the Big Blowout

The drovers celebrate the end of the drive. Rowdy is mistaken for another man. Aired: 2/10/1961

Ep 69: Incident of the Fish Out of Water

Favor is en route to Philadelphia to see his two daughters. Another passenger is Ogala, chief of the Pawnee, who is going to be in a Wild West show. Aired: 2/17/1961

Ep 70: Incident on the Road Back

The men are back together and headed to San Antonio with a herd. Aired: 2/24/1961

Ep 71: Incident of the New Start

Jubal Wade has 1,600 head on this drive and demands to be trailboss, saying he'll keep Favor's crew if he stays on as ramrod. Aired: 3/3/1961

Ep 72: Incident of the Running Iron

Frank Miller is a herd cutter getting on in years with a 19-year-old son. Quince chases a rustler off, but is arrested himself. Aired: 3/10/1961

Ep 73: Incident Near Gloomy River

Dan Fletcher returns to his ma and brother, Cal, whose home just burned. Cal thinks Frank Travis is trying to run them off. Frank's daughter, Flora, has had Cal courting her for a year, but she likes Danny. Aired: 3/17/1961

Ep 74: Incident of the Boomerang

Ruthann Harper and Richard Goffage are taking 200 head of cattle to Australia. Ruthann has a questionable past. Aired: 3/24/1961

Ep 75: Incident of his Brother's Keeper

Paul Evans is confined to a wheelchair. He learns that his wife is preparing to run away with his brother. Aired: 3/31/1961

Ep 76: Incident in the Middle of Nowhere

Favor and Rowdy come upon a ballet in the middle of nowhere. A search for a pass and water leads to villans looking for gold. Aired: 4/7/1961

Ep 77: Incident of the Phantom Bugler

Jayhawkers try to charge Favor for water and a toll to cross the river on indian territory. Captain Brian Donohoe follows the orders of Judge Brady. Mary, the judge's daughter, is married to Brian and doesn't like it. Aired: 4/14/1961

Ep 78: Incident of the Lost Idol

Billy Manson, his mom and sister, Laurie, are on the way to meet their aunt, who is to take them back east. Two bounty hunters shadow them, hoping to find Clete, their wanted father. Aired: 4/28/1961

Ep 79: Incident of the Running Man

Rowdy is handcuffed to a deputy who says he has to warn Camp Henly. The deputy is shot and Rowdy is arrested for murder. Aired: 5/5/1961

Ep 80: Incident of the Painted Lady

Partners of Thad Clemens are holding Favor's herd until they're paid the $15,000 that Thad swindled them out of. Baxter Springs Cattleman's Association will not help Favor. Aired: 5/12/1961

Ep 81: Incident Before Black Pass

Pete and Rowdy are captured by the Kiowa. Two other indians want to accompany the herd to Black Pass. Aired: 5/19/1961

Ep 82: Incident of the Blackstorms

Having turned to a life of crime after the murder of his wife went unpunished, Dr. Sky Blackstorm returns to town and uses Pete and Mushy as pawns to regain custody of his son. Aired: 5/26/1961

Ep 83: Incident of the Night on the Town

Judge Akins tells Favor he has 750 head of Mrs. North's cattle. Lewis, Mrs. North's lawyer, says the cattle that Wesley Adams turned over to Favor were Mrs. North's and were to be delivered to the Army. Aired: 6/2/1961

Ep 84: Incident of the Wager on Payday

Sidney Proctor, along with Joe Stapp, are robbing his father's bank as a joke. The night watchman, Simpson, wakes up. Joe clunks him. Sid thinks they're bringing the money back in three days. Aired: 6/16/1961

Ep 85: Rio Salado

Rowdy and Hey Soos are robbed by Antonio Marcos. He is leading a revolution against the Texas land grant. Rowdy also meets his dad, who ran out on him and his ma. Aired: 9/29/1961

Ep 86: Sendoff

The drovers are beating the scrub for strays. Favor finds wagon remains and 12 graves. Aired: 10/2/1961

Ep 87: Long Shakedown

An overbearing Favor leads to many drovers quitting. Five replacements stir trouble. Aired: 10/13/1961

Ep 88: Judgement at Hondo Seco

Drover Jim Quince's niece begs for his help in keeping her fiancé from being tried for murder by her bitter father. Her father has become a hanging judge, following the accidental shooting of his wife. Aired: 10/20/1961

Ep 89: Lost Tribe

Indians stampede the herd. The sheriff says it's 100 Cheyenne headed for Mexico. Pete picks up their trail. Pete asks Rowdy not to tell Favor right away. Little Hawk, the chief, is the father of Pete's dead wife. Aired: 10/27/1961

Ep 90: Inside Man

Craddock and Clay Forrester plot to steal the herd. Meanwhile, Shelia Brewster is running away from her Army fiancee. Aired: 11/3/1961

Ep 91: Black Sheep

Rowdy escorts an injured sheepman and his flock to a nearby town. However, when the town's residents think he is one of the sheepmen, Rowdy finds himself on the receiving end of the same kind of treatment he used to dish out to sheepmen. Aired: 11/10/1961

Ep 92: Prairie Elephant

Favor finds a circus that is lost. Pascal, the owner and clown, beats his wife, Jenny, who wants to run away with Dario, the other half of her high wire act. Aired: 11/17/1961

Ep 93: The Little Fishes

As Favor picks up 700 cattle, the owner tells him a financial crisis in the east will make the whole herd worthless unless Favor beats the news to Abilene. Aired: 11/24/1961

Ep 94: The Blue Spy

A woman wanders into camp needing help. She turns out to be a former Union spy, which raises ire in the men—especially the one who was courtmartialed because of her. Aired: 12/8/1961

Ep 95: Gentleman's Gentleman

Favor gets caught between Lord Ashton, hunting the white buffalo, and Buffalo Bob Driscoll. Ashton entrusts Woolsey, his valet, to Favor. Aired: 12/15/1961

Ep 96: Twenty-Five Santa Clauses

A conman and his wife con the drovers into pooling their efforts to prepare a Christmas celebration for a sickly Mexican boy. The boy isn't really sick and Rowdy ignores Favor's orders to move the herd across a river, trapping the herd. Aired: 12/22/1961

Ep 97: The Long Count

Rowdy and Pete run into problems crossing a ranch owned by a lady with a rough foreman. In the nearby town the men find Clay Forrester working as a marshal taking the census. He wrangles Favor's men to work for him on it and his scheme. Aired: 1/5/1962

Ep 98: The Captain's Wife

Nora Holloway is ambitious for her captain husband to advance in his career. She resorts to lying and causes big problems. Aired: 1/12/1962

Ep 99: Peddler

The drovers discover peddler Mendel J. Sorkin trying to drive a small herd of cattle by himself. Mendel wants to sell the herd in a nearby town and use the money to return to his native country. Aired: 1/19/1962

Ep 100: Woman Trap

Pete and Rowdy find a whole herd of good looking women heading to Fort Worth to get married. Aired: 1/26/1962

Ep 101: Bosses' Daughter

The drovers are stopped by a fence at Vance Caldwell's ranch and told they will have to wait until he returns to get permission to pass. But the fence isn't Favor's only problem: His daughters are about to join him on the trail. Aired: 2/2/1962

Ep 102: The Deserters' Patrol

When an indian tribe wants to trade six soldiers they hold in exchange for their chief, Favor is commissioned as a captain to make the trade. Aired: 2/9/1962

Ep 103: The Greedy Town

Ada Randolph offers a town $300,000 if they find her dead son, a convicted murderer, innocent and run the sheriff out of town. Aired: 2/16/1962

Ep 104: Grandma's Money

Rowdy, Wishbone and Clay deliver 300 head of cattle to Agee's ranch but Agee isn't there. He's off on his honeymoon, so Rowdy decides to ride out to find him. On the way he meets a little old "grandma." Aired: 2/23/1962

Ep 105: The Pitchwagon

When Frank is killed by indians, a collection is taken to help his family. Clay suggests a poker game to run it up. Aired: 3/2/1962

Ep 106: Hostage Child

A Tonkawa boy is found starving on his way to Fort Lacey to find his sister. He unknowingly unearths the fact that Col. Briscoe, known as a butcher of indians, is married to his sister, who the Col. believes to be Spanish. Aired: 3/9/1962

Ep 107: The Immigrants

Taken prisoner by a Prussian military officer, Clay, Wishbone and Jim incite upheaval among the European's slave workers when they speak about American freedom. Aired: 3/16/1962

Ep 108: The Child - Woman

Mushy's cousin asks him to take her sister to his mother in order to get her out of the saloons. She doesn't want to go, and eventually all the men get involved. Aired: 3/23/1962

Ep 109: A Woman's Place

Harv's chest is crushed by a wagon. The closest doctor is female, but the men won't trust a woman doctor. Complicating the situation, a quack in the town is plotting to have her run out to save his business. Aired: 3/30/1962

Ep 110: Reunion

Pete is leading Lieutenant Matthew Perry to his father, General Augustus Perry, who is bringing 500 head of cattle for the indians. Problems arise when the son of Pete's indian friend escapes and begins raiding. Aired: 4/6/1962

Ep 111: The House of the Hunter

Rowdy is kidnapped and held in a house along with a motley group of equally confused characters in this homage to Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None.' Aired: 4/20/1962

Ep 112: Gold Fever

Hosea Brewer has been prospecting Lost Mine 10 years after everyone has left. The thought of gold and his three daughters attract the drovers. Aired: 5/4/1962

Ep 113: The Devil and the Deep Blue

The herd is close to Abilene with another herd a few days behind. When it is discovered that the second herd is suffering from tick fever, the trail boss is murdered and Favor takes over not knowing the sick cattle are now in his herd. Aired: 5/11/1962

Ep 114: Abilene

When a possible smallpox outbreak gets the drovers quarantined in Abilene, Favor looks for a way to sneak out so he can seal a deal on a ranch. Meanwhile, an old foe of Rowdy wants revenge. Aired: 5/18/1962

Ep 115: Incident of the Hunter

A new man joins the drovers and Rowdy recognizes him as John Shepard, a former Confederate who was a POW along with Rowdy. Clay says he knows the man but as Rankin, a boundy hunter. Tensions are high as the men wonder who he is after. Aired: 9/28/1962

Ep 116: Incident of the Portrait

After unintentionally killing a blind girl's father, a man signs on as a drover with Favor. When Favor is asked to escort the girl to another town. Favor unwittingly assigns the man as her driver where he comes to cherish her company. Aired: 10/5/1962

Ep 117: Incident at Cactus Wells

A man has been following the drive for days and the men are getting edgy. The man finally rides into camp, says he is Simon Royce and that he is just looking for a job. Aired: 10/12/1962

Ep 118: Incident of the Prodigal Son

Sam Hargas finds a half-baked, half-starved greenhorn, Ben Whitney IV. His horse stepped in a chuck hole. Whitney, it turns out, is heir of a very wealthy family. Aired: 10/19/1962

Ep 119: Incident of the Four Horsemen

Favor and Clay are witnesses at the wedding of Amy Gault and Frank Louden. Gus Marsdon provokes Frank into shooting Amy's brother, Carl. Tom Gault, Amy's father, sends Ben Kerran after them. Aired: 10/26/1962

Ep 120: Incident of the Lost Woman

Favor finds a woman, Lissa Hobson, and her baby barely alive. She says her husband was killed in a wagon accident. Aired: 11/2/1962

Ep 121: Incident of the Dogfaces

After rescuing soldiers under Indian attack, Favor learns that their sergeant was involved in the deaths of the Indian chief's wife and son. Aired: 11/9/1962

Ep 122: Incident of the Wolvers

When the herd is threatened by a large pack of wolves, Rowdy hires wolfers Abner Cannon and his children. Aired: 11/16/1962

Ep 123: Incident at Sugar Creek

When one of the drovers, Sam Garrett, is injured on the trail, Rowdy takes him to a nearby town called Sugar Creek. But the town doctor refuses to treat him and Sam may die. Aired: 11/23/1962

Ep 124: Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom

Rowdy gets drugged in a bar with Shelia, the bar owner's girl, and wakes up married to her. Aired: 11/30/1962

Ep 125: Incident of the Querencias

Gil's old friend, Lije Crowning, has had his ranch foreclosed on by the bank. Lije wants to take his 30 head with the drive to Colorado. Aired: 12/7/1962

Ep 126: Incident at Quivira

Monty Fox comes stumbling up to the night camp playing the concertina, saying he's found the promised land. He says he's found Quivera, Coronado's golden city. He says he'll share with those who help him against those who chased him out. Aired: 12/14/1962

Ep 127: Incident of Decision

When Rowdy buys 18 cattle for the next drive he has to contend with a young would-be drover with a crooked leg and banditos. Aired: 12/28/1962

Ep 128: Incident of the Buryin' Man

The drovers encounter "The Buryin' Man," a banker and a school teach in Cheyenne territory. As they see more and more Cheyenne, it becomes evident that the three travelers are not who they appear to be. Aired: 1/4/1963

Ep 129: Incident at the Trail's End

Gil Favor offers his old trail boss, Harry Maxton, a job. Harry takes the job but doesn't tell Gil that a doctor has just told him he is going blind. Aired: 1/11/1963

Ep 130: Incident at Spider Rock

A hot time on the old town nets the drovers assorted bruises, and a spirited girl bent on making the cowhands pay for wrecking her saloon. Aired: 1/18/1963

Ep 131: Incident of the Mountain Man

Thomas and the men of the wagon train are ready to string up Scout Josh Green for killing Thomas's boy. Josh is a mountain man lost in the modern world. Aired: 1/25/1963

Ep 132: Incident at Crooked Hat

Gil stands by his old friend Jack Jennings, a former gunfighter who has decided to turn over a new leaf. But Sam Talbot recognizes him and forces him into a showdown. Jack is forced to defend himself and he kills Sam. Sam's brother, the most powerful man in town, wants revenge. Aired: 2/1/1963

Ep 133: Incident of Judgement Day

Rowdy's ex-commanding officer, Captain Cabot, convenes a makeshift court-martial for him in a ghost town. He and some of Rowdy's old Army buddies believe that Rowdy betrayed their attempted escape from a Union prison camp. Aired: 2/8/1963

Ep 134: Incident of the Gallows Tree

In Cottonwood, at the Pair-A-Dice Saloon, Qunice gets into a fight with Major Courtney. Jim swears he'll kill him. Aired: 2/22/1963

Ep 135: Incident of the Married Widow

In Calvin, Miss Abigail owns The Silver Slipper Salon, a very posh saloon. There Rowdy sees the picture of the dead war hero, Gil Favor, Abigail's husband. Aired: 3/1/1963

Ep 136: Incident of the Pale Rider

The new man is a dead ringer for the man Rowdy shot in a Wells Fargo holdup. Aired: 3/15/1963

Ep 137: Incident of the Comanchero

Two nuns enlist the drovers' aid in shielding a Comanchero from renegade tribesmen. Aired: 3/22/1963

Ep 138: Incident of the Clown

Morris G. Stevens, a failed actor, toured the world as a clown. Now a philologist, he wants to create a Comanche dictionary. Aired: 3/29/1963

Ep 139: Incident of the Black Ace

A gypsy tells Wish's fortune when he draws the death card three times. Aired: 4/12/1963

Ep 140: Incident of the Hostages

Rowdy buys three white children from the Arapahos that have been raised by the Apache. Aired: 4/19/1963

Ep 141: Incident of White Eyes

Favor and Hey Soos rescue Domingo, Lt. Carter and the Butlers from a runaway stage. They make to a stage station and fight off indians. Aired: 5/3/1963

Ep 142: Incident at Rio Doloroso

Don Francisco Maldonaldo sentences Favor and Rowdy to die for the death of his son. Aired: 5/10/1963

Ep 143: Incident at Alkali Sink

Burt Harvey is accused of cowardice at Gettysburg by his new father-in-law. Aired: 5/24/1963

Ep 144: Incident of the Red Wind

Favor tells Rowdy to let Lou Bowdart drive the herd up the San Marcos trail. Aired: 9/26/1963

Ep 145: Incident of Iron Bull

Joseph, a Comanche, is hired after returning the remuda. Colonel Macklin and Sergeant Grogan are accompanying the herd as far as Waycross. Aired: 10/3/1963

Ep 146: Incident at El Crucero

Rose Cornelius and her 10 brothers have fenced off the trail Favor needs to cross to get the herd to water. Aired: 10/10/1963

Ep 147: Incident of the Travellin' Man

Jagger is fished out of the river with leg irons on. His story doesn't match that of Matt Harger. Aired: 10/17/1963

Ep 148: Incident at Paradise

Rowdy rescues Nester Higgins from being used for target practice and gets involved in his fight to keep his farm. Aired: 10/24/1963

Ep 149: Incident at Farragut Pass

In return for letting the herd cross her land to get to water, E.J. Farragut wants Favor to hire a woman's grandson, Billy. Aired: 10/31/1963

Ep 150: Incident at Two Graves

Wish volunteers Rowdy to fight Jeremiah O'Neal for money. O'Neal gives the fight away and Rowdy wins $50. The losers are ready to tar and feather O'Neal. Aired: 11/7/1963

Ep 151: Incident of the Rawhiders

When Rowdy spares Brock Quade's life, Brock gives Rowdy his fiancée, whom the ramrod must marry—or else! Aired: 11/14/1963

Ep 152: Incident of the Prophecy

The drovers have a Saturday off for the first time in a long time. Staying in a ghost town, Rowdy and his friend, Rabbit, shoot at a schoolhouse bell. A bullet ricochets and kills Jud Hilton. His brother, Brother William, a self-proclaimed minister, puts a curse on them and says they can't outrun death. Aired: 11/21/1963

Ep 153: Incident at Confidence Creek

Elwood P. Gilroy and his assistant, Crystal Simpson, steal the ownership papers for the herd and sell it to Orville Tippet at a large loss. Elwood ditches Crystal, so Rowdy and Crystal follow Elwood to bring him to justice. Aired: 11/28/1963

Ep 154: Incident of the Death Dancer

Quince and Mushy are returning from town when they hear what they think is a puma. Mushy wanders away and is knocked out by the cat and rescued by a stranger. The man tells them it is not a puma but an African lion he is hunting. Aired: 12/5/1963

Ep 155: Incident of the Wild Deuces

When Mushy wins $1,500 from saloon-owner Lorelie Mears, his troubles begin. Aired: 12/12/1963

Ep 156: Incident of the Geisha

After Hey Soos is knocked unconscious by a wild stallion, he awakes in a kimono with a geisha kneeling nearby. Aired: 12/19/1963

Ep 157: Incident at Ten Trees

The drovers find a young white woman dressed as an indian, babbling. Aired: 1/2/1964

Ep 158: Incident of the Rusty Shotgun

Three brothers think Wish is their sister's intended. Aired: 1/9/1964

Ep 159: Incident of the Midnight Cave

Blinded in a fall, Wishbone faces a physical and emotional crisis. Aired: 1/16/1964

Ep 160: Incident of the Dowry Dundee

Rowdy and Quince come across a wee lass, with four huge Scottish bulls and a wagon of heirlooms. Aired: 1/23/1964

Ep 161: Incident at Gila Flats

While helping the Army deliver cattle to an Apache tribe, Favor, Wishbone and Quince run into a band of renegade indians determined to end their mission. Aired: 1/30/1964

Ep 162: Incident of the Pied Piper

An orphanage operator makes a bid to renovate his impoverished institution—by selling Favor's stray cattle. Aired: 2/6/1964

Ep 163: Incident of the Swindler

An old "friend" of Wish's tells him he is a wanted man for a murder in New Orleans 13 years earlier. Aired: 2/20/1964

Ep 164: Incident of the Wanderer

Michob, a peddler, comes out of a rain storm, bone dry. Things begin to go wrong and he is labeled a jinx. Aired: 2/27/1964

Ep 165: Incident at Zebulon

A Zebulon vigilante group takes Johnny Larkin away for murder. Favor follows to protect Johnny. However, Johnny is hanged and Favor is horsewhipped. Favor returns there alone with revenge on his mind looking for the man called the Major. Aired: 3/5/1964

Ep 166: Incident at Hourglass

The herd needs to get through Hourglass pass where the army is preparing to blast for a dam. Favor's hometown friend is married to the Post Adjutant. When she kills an officer, she lies to get Favor convicted of the murder. Aired: 3/12/1964

Ep 167: Incident of the Odyssey

Mickey Rooney guest stars as a happy, childlike wanderer who befriends the drovers. Aired: 3/26/1964

Ep 168: Incident of the Banker

A banker tricks Favor into trading jobs so he can prove his manhood to an overbearing wife. Aired: 4/2/1964

Ep 169: Incident of El Toro

Art Fuller is sent to kill a wild bull. Aired: 4/9/1964

Ep 170: Incident at Deadhorse: Part 1

Everyone laughs when Jud Hammerklein, the most powerful and popular man in Deadhorse, is sentenced to hang for murder. Aired: 4/16/1964

Ep 171: Incident at Deadhorse: Part 2

Town boss Jud Hammerklein remains confident that he will never be executed, despite the feverish activity of the hangman. Aired: 4/23/1964

Ep 172: Incident of the Gilded Goddess

Rowdy's old acquaintance, Louise Temple, is on the run for killing a sheriff. She ran the Temple Of Gold gambling hall. Aired: 4/30/1964

Ep 173: Incident at Seven Fingers

A black Army sergeant, being pursued by the Army on cowardice and desertion charges, joins Favor's trail drive. The troopers finally catch up to him, but Favor wonders how such a decent and competent person could be guilty of those charges. Aired: 5/7/1964

Ep 174: Incident of the Peyote Cup

Hey Soos is captured by a small, secretive tribe of indians, who force him to drink peyote liquid. The new drover, Mister Brothers, was a missionary and tried to convert the tribe. However, they came to believe that if they crucified white men, their dead ancestors would come back to life. Aired: 5/14/1964

Ep 175: The Race

The race is on when a disgruntled Rowdy signs as trail boss for another drive and pulls all the stops to beat Favor's herd to market. Aired: 9/25/1964

Ep 176: Enormous Fist

When Fred Grant slugs Favor, he hits him back. Fred falls, fatally hitting his head against a fencepost. There is an inquest, and Favor has to deal with the widow and her three kids. Aired: 10/2/1964

Ep 177: Piney

A cattle baron has lost everything and has filed bankruptcy. He decides to get the money he needs to rebuild his ranch by stealing money from the bank. Aired: 10/9/1964

Ep 178: Lost Herd

Favor loses nearly the entire herd when taking a shortcut through Devil's Patch Quilt. He was trying to beat another herd in, and now must explain himself to Mr. Teisner of the cattleman's association. Aired: 10/16/1964

Ep 179: A Man Called Mushy

Mushy is swindled out of the wagons and the remuda. He is fired, kidnapped by gypsies and sold into slavery. Aired: 10/23/1964

Ep 180: Canliss

Gurd Canliss, an aging hired gun, has Don Miguel as his next target. Gurd's wife, Augusta, and Favor try to stop it. Aired: 10/30/1964

Ep 181: Damon's Road: Part 1

A railroad builder in desperate need of workers tricks Favor's drovers into signing work contracts. To make matters even worse for Favor, he finds himself arrested for "abducting" a showgirl. Aired: 11/13/1964

Ep 183: Backshooter

Sam Jefferson aids Rowdy after his horse takes a spill. Sam is a wanted man and asks Rowdy to turn him in but give the $5,000 reward to his wife. Aired: 11/27/1964

Ep 182: Damon's Road: Part 2

After escaping from the railroad builder, Favor attempts to get his drovers back, but they are set on being railroaders. Favor must hatch a scheme to get his men back. Aired: 11/30/1964

Ep 184: Corporal Dasovik

A corporal who shuns responsibility seeks Favor's help after he's put in command of a squad escorting indian prisoners to a reservation. Aired: 12/4/1964

Ep 185: Photographer

A photographer leads an unsuspecting Rowdy into a den of thieves. Aired: 12/11/1964

Ep 186: No Dogs or Drovers

After a long, hard cattle drive, Gil Favor and his drovers arrive at a town only to find that the townsfolk aren't receptive to cattle drivers. Aired: 12/18/1964

Ep 187: The Meeting

Favor is kidnapped and taken to a rendezvous with some of the West's most notorious outlaws. Aired: 1/1/1965

Ep 188: The Book

Pop Stark promotes gunfights for profit. Carl Hatcher loaned Pop money, and now his brothers are coming to collect. Pop arranges a gunfight between Rowdy and Austin Ware, a professional gunfighter. Aired: 1/8/1965

Ep 189: Josh

Seventy-year-old Josh Breeden's pride won't let him admit he's too old to be a drover. He blames Favor for all his problems. Aired: 1/15/1965

Ep 190: A Time for Waiting

Rowdy had given testimony against his friend Capt. Ballinger, resulting in a death sentence. Now Ballinger has called on Rowdy to witness the possible execution unless a way can be found to escape that punishment. Aired: 1/22/1965

Ep 191: Moment in the Sun

Marshal Shaw arrests Reed McCuller, who is known by locals as a type of Robin Hood, but in fact is a murderer and thief. He tries to use Favor's herd as cover to get out of the area, and the locals, led by his brother, are on to Shaw's plans. Aired: 1/29/1965

Ep 192: Texas Fever

Lynch fever grips a town where scout Pete Nolan is being held for murder. Aired: 2/5/1965

Ep 193: Blood Harvest

Clete Bonner and his grandson, Will, posing as Jonas and Duke Williams, join the drive to see whether Will's dad, Adam, is suitable to take Will. Adam, known as Cable now, is scheming with two others to steal 1,500 head and sell to the Army. Aired: 2/12/1965

Ep 194: Violent Land

Mace and Gorman the new drovers have more than cows on thier minds. Mace shows Favor a reward poster for $10,000 for a white girl captured by the Apaches. Rowdy visits the grave of his sister killed by indians, and then refuses to sell 12 head to Yuma, the Apache chief. Aired: 3/5/1965

Ep 195: Winter Soldier

An Army deserter has left stolen Army property at Favor's camp, and is intent on stealing money from a father and daughter who have recently left the drovers' camp alone. Aired: 3/12/1965

Ep 196: Prairie Fire

Wish buries Tod Murdoch, his friend, whose 500 head he is to take to Favor's herd at horsehead crossing. Tod's foremen, Jerry and Milt and Pitts, plan to steal the cattle after they get the ownership paper. Aired: 3/19/1965

Ep 197: Retreat

Major Cantwell can't wait to retire from the army. He was demoted from colonel for "irregularities in records," but says the charge was unfounded. He steals the $32,000 camp payroll and wraps it in a package, asking Favor to mail it for him. Kaster, the major's aid, drummed out for drinking, sees Favor take the package. Aired: 3/26/1965

Ep 198: Empty Sleeve

When the herd refuses to drink or cross a river, Favor sends for a vet and a one-armed man shows up wanting a drover job. Rowdy learns the cattle need salt and the new hand knows where to find it nearby. However, he doesn't want to go there. Aired: 4/2/1965

Ep 199: The Last Order

Rowdy's ex-commanding officer, Jeff McKeever, is part of a band of Confederates not willing to admit the war has ended. They have stolen $50,000, but during the holdup Wish shot one of the men, Decker. Decker stumbles into Favor's camp with the strongbox and dies. McKeever, posing as a deputy sheriff, comes for the money. Aired: 4/9/1965

Ep 200: Mrs. Harmon

Tired of trail cooking, Wish quits the drive and befriends Mrs. Harmon and her three boys. She is married to an abusive drunk, who beats Wish to within an inch of his life. Mrs. Harmon shoots her husband, but Wish takes the blame. Charlie Peg, the hotel clerk, witnesses the shooting and blackmails Wish. Aired: 4/16/1965

Ep 201: The Calf Women

Rowdy comes to like one of two calf woman, but when a member of a buffalo hunt is killed by her for attacking her younger sister, Rowdy is threatened by his brother. Aired: 4/30/1965

Ep 202: The Spanish Camp

The spring that feeds a creek has been dammed by Dr. John Merritt and his friend, Phinn Harper. They are looking for the remains of a 200-year-old Spanish expedition, and their treasure chest. Aired: 5/7/1965

Ep 203: El Hombre Bravo

Favor and Mushy are driving six prize bulls toward the American border in Mexico. A band of Mexicans tell Favor they are looking for El Hombre Bravo. Favor and Mushy meet Pajarito, a school teacher, and eight orphans heading to a mission north of the border. Pajarito has written pamphlets for the revolutionaries and signed them El Hombre Bravo. Aired: 5/14/1965

Ep 204: The Gray Rock Hotel

Stricken with a mysterious illness, the drovers stagger into a deserted town where they are met by a pretty yet strange woman. Aired: 5/21/1965

Ep 205: Encounter at Boot Hill

One of Rowdy's drovers is killed and another wounded trying to stop a lynching. Looking for justice for his men, Rowdy goes to a town run by a power-hungry sheriff and deputy, who are protecting the father and son who did the shooting. Aired: 9/14/1965

Ep 206: Ride a Crooked Mile

Jed intervenes when a card player refuses to surrender the Arabian stallion he lost in a poker game. Aired: 9/21/1965

Ep 207: Six Weeks to Bent Fork

Rowdy and his drovers race through a calamity-riddled obstacle course to get the herd to market in record time. Aired: 9/28/1965

Ep 208: Walk into Terror

A mine cave-in traps Quince and Simon. New drover Ed says he's found some blasting gel and guncotton. He and his buddy, Jerry, will blow them out for $500. It is a perilous journey hauling the unstable gel to the mine in a rickety old wagon. Aired: 10/5/1965

Ep 209: Escort to Doom

Rowdy enlists the aid of eight Indians who have been trailing the herd to get to the Little Red River. Their leader, Yellow Sun, looks white. The drovers, particularly Wish, doesn't like it. The other indians, particularly Quadero, doesn't like it either. Aired: 10/12/1965

Ep 210: Hostage for Hanging

Rowdy is held for ransom by a family of crooked horse traders. Quince, Jed, Wish and Simon try to dicker unsuccessfully. They prepare to hang Rowdy, and Jed rides in to talk things over. Aired: 10/19/1965

Ep 211: Vasquez Woman

The men buy 200 cattle to take north so the drovers can make some cash for themselves. However, Col. Vasquez takes the cattle giving them 40,000 pesos from a rogue government. Jud tries to recover their money but ends up with Mrs. Vasquez. Aired: 10/26/1965

Ep 212: Clash at Broken Bluff

The herd needs cover from a potential storm, but the only cover is owned by a widow who is a suffragette. She is in a battle with the bar owner and mayor of Broken Bluff. They want the drovers to vote against the women in return for help. Aired: 11/2/1965

Ep 213: The Pursuit

Jed is being pursued by Marshal Hanson Dickson, a well known lawman. Dickson claims Jed Is James Carothers, wanted dead or alive for murder in Missouri. Jed says he was cleared of the charge. Aired: 11/9/1965

Ep 214: Duel at Daybreak

The new drover, a young southern gentleman, Roman Bedford, has incurred the wrath of the ranch foreman they're picking up cattle from. Roman has paid attention to the ranch owner's daughter, with whom the foreman has intentions. Aired: 11/16/1965

Ep 215: Brush War at Buford

Major Buford, who fought for the south, ties his herd in with Rowdy's. He does this so he can cross Duke Aberdeen's land. Duke was a POW in a Confederate prison, and won't let Buford cattle cross his land. Aired: 11/23/1965

Ep 216: Testing Post

An army lieutenant requisitions 100 prime steers and only offers a piece of paper in return. He pulls a gun and Rowdy wings him. Reinforcements come demanding the 100 head. Rowdy goes 40 miles to the fort and the major says he can't pay him. Aired: 11/30/1965

Ep 217: Crossing at White Feather

Rowdy hires Jonas Bolt to guide the herd to and across the river. Rowdy finds Jonas drunk and fires him. The saloon owner tries to trick Rowdy out of 1,000 head using Jonas. Aired: 12/7/1965