The Invaders

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Architect David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) encounters a UFO after a hard day at the office. The aliens are not coming — they're already here! The Invaders live among us, maintaining their human guises with the help of a regeneration chamber. With the aliens embedded at all levels of human society and government, Vincent wanders the land seeking proof and allies. This classic 1967–68 series of sci-fi paranoia heavily influenced UFO culture and future series such as The X-Files.

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  • 7/28 5:00AMCondition: Red
    "A mysterious recovery leads Vincent to a possible invader."
  • 8/4 5:00AMThe Saucer
    "David finds a man who can predict when the next flying saucer will land."
  • 8/11 5:00AMThe Watchers
    "A hotel owner is taken over by invaders awaiting a guest."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
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Ep 1: Beachhead

An architect's close encounter with a spaceship leads him to investigate a small town's hydroelectric plant.

Ep 2: The Experiment

David Vincent tries to befriend an astrophysicist who has proof that aliens are invading the planet, but a betrayal threatens everything.

Ep 3: The Mutation

David meets a stripper who claims to have seen something strange in the desert, but a secret jeopardizes his life.

Ep 4: The Leeches

The president of an electronics company fears aliens are kidnapping prominent minds -- and he's next!

Ep 5: Genesis

David Vincent discovers the aliens have taken over a sea lab for sinister purposes.

Ep 6: Vikor

David goes undercover to infiltrate a manufacturing plant and find proof of alien activity.

Ep 7: Nightmare

A reclusive town has David wondering what secrets are hidden there.

Ep 8: Doomsday Minus One

A teacher stumbles upon a device that threatens mankind.

Ep 9: Quantity: Unknown

To regain a metallic cylinder, the aliens will stop at nothing -- even murder.

Ep 10: The Innocent

Aliens abduct David but with the intention of proving they mean no harm to Earth.

Ep 11: The Ivy Curtain

David discovers a school whose purpose is alien indoctrination.

Ep 12: The Betrayed

David's personal life threatens his mission when aliens resort to foul play to recover a computer tape.

Ep 13: Storm

When a hurricane mysterious avoids a church building, David investigates.

Ep 14: Panic

David rushes to help when people are frozen to death.

Ep 15: Moonshot

A planned moon mission causes Vincent and an astronaut to suspect danger.

Ep 16: Wall of Crystal

Vincent discovers a crystal with alien connections.

Ep 17: The Condemned

David is framed for murder when a missing file could expose the aliens.

Ep 1: Condition: Red

A mysterious recovery leads Vincent to a possible invader.

Ep 2: The Saucer

David finds a man who can predict when the next flying saucer will land.

Ep 3: The Watchers

A hotel owner is taken over by invaders awaiting a guest.

Ep 4: Valley of the Shadow

The death of an alien causes the invaders to try and cover up the evidence, even if it means killing an entire town.

Ep 5: The Enemy

A woman discovers an injured alien.

Ep 6: The Trial

Vincent's friend stands trial for an invader who vaporized.

Ep 7: The Spores

Aliens plot to make a new resilient race.

Ep 8: Dark Outpost

Vincent tries to decipher an alien's mysterious message.

Ep 9: Summit Meeting: Part 1

Rising levels of radiation threaten Earth, but the aliens may have the solution.

Ep 10: Summit Meeting: Part 2

Rising levels of radiation threaten Earth, but the aliens may have the solution.

Ep 11: The Prophet

Vincent close in on a supposed prophet who glows in a way similar to the aliens.

Ep 12: Labyrinth

Vincent discovers an unconscious alien, but the invaders try to stop an X-ray from happening.

Ep 13: The Captive

Vincent is jailed with an alien intruder as a paranoid man decides what to do.

Ep 14: The Believers

The aliens plot to eliminate Vincent once and for all, attacking a group of "believers".

Ep 15: The Ransom

Vincent is summoned when an alien outpost is discovered at a ski lodge.

Ep 16: Task Force

Vincent and the believers meet with a publishing magnate

Ep 17: The Possessed

Vincent meets a troubled man whose experiments have led to an unprecedented relationship with aliens.

Ep 18: Counter-Attack

Vincent recovers important information regarding the aliens just as a conspiracy targets his future.

Ep 19: The Pit

A professor diagnosed with delusions tells Vincent aliens are experimenting with dreams.

Ep 20: The Organization

While searching for alien debris, Vincent finds himself caught in a narcotics ring.

Ep 21: The Peacemaker

A colonel abuses his authority to attempt to force the aliens into a settlement, much to Vincent's disapproval.

Ep 22: The Vise

Vincent discovers an up-and-coming official is actually an invader, but an ex-policeman stands in his way.

Ep 23: The Miracle

A woman is given an alien crystal, which is soon believed to be a miracle.

Ep 24: The Life Seekers

A police shooting causes Vincent to investigate a possible alien encounter with hidden secrets.

Ep 25: The Pursued

An alien reaches out to Vincent with the intention of defecting.

Ep 26: Inquisition

A bombing and a suspicious man leads Vincent to question an official with possible alien connections.