The Woody Woodpecker Show

Saturdays at 8 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
A collection of timeless cartoon shorts, that span from 1934 to 1972, featuring the mischievous Woody Woodpecker and his colorful cast of friends including Chilly Willy, The Beary Family, Inspector Willoughby, Andy Panda, and more.

Next Airings

  • 9/30 8:00AMThe Hollywood Matador, Room and Wrath, Pied Piper of Basin Street, The Beach Nut, Mousie Come Home, Punchy Pooch, Convict Concerto
    "Woody is a matador fighting a bull named Oxnar the Terrible., Smedley tries to evict Chilly from his Snowtel when he can only pay the bill in fish., A trombone player plays swing to rid a town of rats, but when the mayor refused to pay his promised fee, the musician has a trick up his sleeve., Woody Woodpecker ruins Wally's day at the beach., Andy Panda and Milo move to avoid a mouse., Doc enters Champ in a boxing match with a kangaroo. When he hears that the kagaroo doesn't fight fair, he uses many tactics to even the scales., Woody stars as a piano tuner held at gunpoint and forced to play by a thief named Mugsy. He must participate in a car chase with the police, all while tickling the ivories."
  • 10/7 8:00AMDopey Dick the Pink Whale, Kiddie Koncert, Swiss Mis-fit, Arts and Flowers, Scrambled Eggs, A Horses Tale, The Reluctant Recruit
    "A gruff captain forces Woody to join a hunt for a pink whale., Wally conducts a whimsical animal band., A rescue dog tries to prove himself by saving Chilly, but only ends up in trouble himself., Woody competes with a snobby artist in an art contest., A mischievous satyr switches the eggs of several different nests to confuse the expectant forest animals., Sugarfoot finds a new job as a stunt double after a misunderstanding gets him kicked off the farm., Woody unknowingly joins the Foreign Legion, thinking he's signing up for a free vacation."
  • 10/14 8:00AMThe Tree Medic, Gooney's Goofy Landings, Coo Coo Nuts, Let Charlie Do It, Astronut Woody, Goofy Gardener, Jungle Medics, Woody's Magic Touch
    "Woody goes head-to-head with a Tree Doctor who's disturbing his home., Chilly and Maxie teach Gooney to make more graceful landings., Woody is stranded on an island with a hungry castaway that likes woodpeckers., Charlie tries to unclog the kitchen sink himself., Woody mistakes a rocket headed for the moon for a luxury treehouse., A butler tries to stop the gardener from disturbing the guests at a fancy party., Monkey medics help a lion with a tooth ache., Woody must trick a witch in order to transform the king's son back into a human again."
*available in most MeTV markets