After The Beverly Hillbillies ended, Max Baer had to audition for people who had no idea who he was

Do you know your Jethro?

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To be a part of something big and impactful is a profound opportunity, but that doesn't always guarantee that you'll remain impactful forever. But saying all that, to lose relevancy doesn't mean that you lose your merit.

Keep all of this in mind and try to be polite to the millennials when we tell you that Max Baer Jr. had to explain to young people who he was.

Fans of iconic television instantly remember Baer as Jethro Bodine, the dimwitted Clampett relative of The Beverly Hillbillies. While the show entertained audiences everywhere, the series was canceled in 1971, a casualty of the great "Rural Purge." This meant that we were no longer able to see our favorite Southern family grace our television screens, Jethro Bodine included.

While the world of streaming today makes one assume that you've got the world of media at your fingertips, it's important to remember that's not always the way things for. While The Beverly Hillbillies gained new fans in its absence through reruns, much of the series would be inaccessible to the average television viewer for quite some time.

Because it was wiped off the face of prime-time television, there are generations of people who unfortunately had to grow up without The Beverly Hillbillies. Not only did that leave viewers worse for wear, but it also wasn't too great for the actors involved in the series.

In an interview with USA Today, Baer revealed that his role on Hillbillies was difficult for his acting career in more ways than one.

"I didn't get jobs not only because I was Jethro, but because I'd come into auditions with these young people interviewing and they'd say, 'What have you done?'" said Baer. "I'd say, 'Excuse me? I was only on television for nine years in the most successful sitcom in the history of television!'"

So while there will be a few generations who grew up without the dulcet tones of Jethro's "Hot Dog!" we're grateful that a resurgence of the series' popularity gave viewers newfound love for it, as it seemed to have remedied this injustice.

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Runeshaper 21 days ago
Ain’t that something 🤦‍♂️
top_cat_james_1 24 days ago
Perhaps Baer shouldn't have been represented by flesh peddler J.B., boy genius.
BenSobeleone 25 days ago
Max Baer Jr. went on to star in the movie Macon County Line with the Vint brothers.
BenSobeleone 25 days ago
Someday I'm gonna have a long talk with that boy.
BenSobeleone 25 days ago
Tostitos commercial from the 90s
Jethro: Hot dog!
Chris Elliott: No, nachos!
harlow1313 26 days ago
To be honest, I sometimes get Jethro and Jethrine confused. They look alike.
Jethrine was fair haired and Jethro was dark. 😉
Dainty and lovely, that Jethrine. She could kick the arses of Swift and GaGa.
I’d pay to see that
ncadams27 harlow1313 22 days ago
Jethrine could have joined the cast of Bosom Buddies.
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