Barbara Billingsley would accidentally call her own sons ''Beaver''

TV and reality blurred for the famous Mom.

We've all done it. 

You're a kid in school raising your hand, waiting for the teacher to turn around, and you accidentally call her "Mom." Oh, the humiliation! Or, worse, you call your current partner by your ex's name. God help you if you fall into the latter camp.

Freud might have a field day with our mistakes, but that's all they are. Accidental slips of the tongue can cause a fair share of trouble, but at the end of the day, they're just mistakes.

Just ask Barbara Billingsley, who played mother June Cleaver on the iconic series Leave It to Beaver. After spending her working hours mothering the fictional Beaver and Wally, Billingsley would have to go home and be a mom to her real children. In 1962, she spoke with The Gettysburg Times about the problems the double life would occasionally cause.

"I get confused at times at home and call one of my boys 'Beaver," said Billingsley. Who could blame her? The long hours on set being the perfect TV mom would surely bleed into anyone's home life.

"Half the time I can't tell the difference between what goes on in the show and what's happening at home. It's priceless."

Her onscreen husband, Hugh Beaumont, had a similar experience and echoed Billingsley's sentiment.

"It's just like I was bringing up my own three youngsters," said Beaumont. "Beaver and Wally have the same problems they have or had. Sometimes I don't even think I need a script. It all sounds so familiar."

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vg2023 3 months ago
I always wonder if Ward and June could have been romantically involved.
obectionoverruled 4 months ago
Did your mom spend all day cleaning the house and cooking the tuna casserole in a housedress, draped in a pearl necklace with high heels and stockings on? Did she have a 3 bedroom house but insist that you share a bedroom with your stupid brother who was only interested in making the track team, going to dances with Mary Ellen Rogers and attending State U? Being from a large family myself, my parents seldom knew where any of us kids were, who our friends were that we hung out at the drug store and gas station with, or if our big sister was signing off on our homework and report cards.
Wow... It was just a tv show!
RedSkelton 4 months ago
"June" is and will always be what every child thinks their mother should be. Warm, affectionate, and thoughtful. Pretty as well! I like to think that she was just like she is in the program, as she was at home.
Runeshaper 4 months ago
Hahaha 😂 I totally get that.
Pacificsun 4 months ago
I like this story, and never saw it printed before;

Just saw HB on Mannix the other night, and he was so unlike WC. He must've been a very good actor.
MadMadMadWorld Pacificsun 4 months ago
I saw him on a 1966 Petticoat Junction episode. This was 3 years after 'Beaver' ended, and he had grayer hair.
SparkleMotion 4 months ago
Aw, this is so sweet. LITB and The Honeymooners are my favorite classic TV shows. It's fun to read these stories about the actors. During the months filming the shows they spent more time with their TV families than their actual families so this kind of thing was bound to happen. It's cute.
Snickers 4 months ago
That's so funny. How would you like coming home from school and have your mother call you Beaver?
I didn’t ’come home after school’. I went straight to my newspaper stand and sold out 100 2 star and 3 star papers to passing traffic on their way home from work. Then my buddies and I would turn in our receipts,
Keeping our commissions and tips, and hit the nearby corner drug store for Milky Ways, Juicy Fruit gum and grape soda.
Yea, I remember those days. I had a paper route delivering the evening paper after school. Like you we also had a corner drug store where you could get a milkshake and comic book with your hard earned paper income.
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