Before James Brolin was a local sheriff in 1977's ''The Car,'' he was in Gotham

James Brolin fought against an evil car and visited Gotham three times.

"Wade, that car flew into that house four feet off the ground... there was no driver in the car."

A possessed car on a murderous rampage in a small town sounds like an interesting plot, right? Well, in 1977, it happened. Not in real life—in the fictional world of cinema. The Car is about a small desert town that becomes the home to several murders after a possessed, powerful vehicle targets them all.

In the old-school, '70s movie fashion, the only one who can stop this car is a sheriff—Sheriff Wade Parent, to be exact. He was left in charge after Sheriff Everett Peck fell victim to the car. The film starts with two cyclists riding through a canyon when all of a sudden, a mysterious car begins to follow them. The car is customized, has no license plate, and is matte black. That seems like a pretty cool ride, right? Well, no—especially since it's driving on its own.

You'll be able to indulge in the movie this Saturday on Svengoolie at 8P | 7C.

Actor James Brolin portrayed the hero sheriff that takes on the dangerous task of defeating the vehicle, but before he became a resident in the small town, Brolin was on the streets of Gotham City.

The actor was in two episodes of Batman in season two: "The Cat and the Fiddle" as a driver and "The Catwoman Goeth" as Reggie. He also made an appearance as Kid Gulliver in the season three episode "Ring Around the Riddler."

For many, you probably remember his Kid Gulliver (the Champ) character the most, as the Riddler kidnapped and brainwashed him into throwing his next fight because he wanted to control prize fighting in Gotham.

As you watch Saturday's movie, The Car, think about how James Brolin challenged a possessed car and survived in Gotham. A true hero.

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Barris4ever 9 months ago
Growing up in San Fernando Valley..Barris Customs on Riverside/Lankershim in Studio City,CA. The Car/Munster Coach/Dragula/Monkees GTO and many more....Living in Prescott AZ now....
Zip 9 months ago
I always wanted a car like The Car.
...just not a possessed one.
harlow1313 Zip 9 months ago
I ache to own Christine.
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 9 months ago
Sources say: " there are three remaining "Christines."

Here's an article from June 2022- Hopefully it lessens your ache.
harlow1313 9 months ago
This may suit my taste for small town atmospheres and silly story telling. I plan to give this film a viewing.
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LoveMETV22 MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
" I thought it painfully bad, yet still had it on Sat. night. 🤭"
Same here. It was comedic in parts- It also was right at the edge of " pushing the envelope" in a few areas.
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 9 months ago
It was comedic though I don’t think it was intentional. 😁
LoveMETV22 MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
Your right. I'm sure when it originally aired it wasn't viewed as such . The cut-ins with Svengoolie's shtick adds a bit of humor into the film.
BenSobeleone harlow1313 9 months ago
Hey harlow1313, I've actually seen The Car at the theater in May 1977. I thought it was an ok horror/thriller. Definitely similar to Jaws. Both released from Universal Pictures for one thing and for another thing, the marching band in The Car was practicing that same tune that the marching band in Jaws was playing during the Amity parade scene when Deputy Hendricks told Mayor Vaughn that there was a shark attack and they got to close beach. I also am a MST3K fan. I thought the best years were the ones with Joel. One of my favorite movies that they did was "Daddy-O" with Dick Contino.
Runeshaper 9 months ago
James Brolin is an AWESOME actor!
cperrynaples Runeshaper 9 months ago
Well 3 things he's better known for: [1]He was on Marcus Welby for 7 seasons! [2] He's Josh Brolin's father! [3] He's married to Barbra Streisand [and yes, that's how she spells her first name]!
raddad cperrynaples 9 months ago
And he lived in a little town called Amityville.
Runeshaper cperrynaples 9 months ago
That's AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that!
Runeshaper raddad 9 months ago
Extra cool!
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