Biomedical science close to making a Star Trek dermal regenerator

The genius of Star Trek lies in its roots to real science. It's what sets the epic apart from Star Wars (not to ignite a debate or anything). While contact with pretty green skinned aliens seems highly improbable, much of space age technology and the cool gadgets of the series have been made real, if not tantalizingly close to our reach. That's likely due in part to the many kids who watched the show growing up to become scientists with a mission to make their favorite fantasy a reality. 

Earlier this month, a Bluetooth Star Trek communicator was revealed. Though, frankly, that seems like an antique compared to an iPhone. 

However, a new report from scientists at the Department of Biomedical Science at University of Sheffield, in England, shares exciting results of their experiments with a handheld healing device. In other words, a Star Trek dermal regenerator of sorts. While the Sheffield scientists' ultrasonic emitter is not able to erase a wound on Riker's face, it can reduce healing time by 30%. It's an exciting first step.

Now someone just needs to give us that transporter.

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