Can you unscramble these classic TV show titles?

If ALF makes you LAF, then you should ace this.

It's time for some anagrams! We've jumbled the names of some classic TV shows from the 1950s through the 1980s. There are sitcoms, dramas, mysteries and Westerns below. See if you can clean mr. sub unscramble them. 

We've given you some hints. Take all the time you need. When you think you have it — or if you give up — just click the picture to flip and reveal the answer. Good luck!

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Debbie 24 months ago
I have one. Goodnight everybody at the TALENT SHOW. Unscramble “Talent Show” to get the answer
Westernchick 32 months ago
Lol! No multiple choice this time! Hmmm…
idkwut2use 45 months ago
I wanna watch some of THOSE shows!! Especially Elf Theft Fiasco, My Mafia Slam, Cool Bum, Pelican Toss, Mr. Ponyears, and Recluse Gym Mop!
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