Carroll O'Connor once said that ''All in the Family'' could have gone on without Archie Bunker

O'Connor was aware that the success of the series didn't rest solely on his shoulders.

Credit: Sony Pictures Television

It can be difficult to picture All in the Family without Archie Bunker, but would you believe us if we told you that it would actually still be an entertaining show? No? What about if Carroll O'Connor was the one telling you?

According to an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, O'Connor responded to rumors that he would actually be leaving the cast of All in the Family. While O'Connor assured readers that he had no intention of leaving any time soon, he also claimed that even without Archie Bunker, a show like All in the Family would still attract viewers.

O'Connor stated, "A show like All in the Family has enough momentum to go on even without me as Archie Bunker." 

While O'Connor had a very precarious relationship with the higher-ups of All in the Family and even disappeared from episodes from time to time due to striking, he was also incredibly supportive of the series as a whole, as well as his fellow castmates like Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, and Rob Reiner.

O'Connor continued, "There's a lot going on in that Bunker house all day long before Archie gets home that could be the subject of interesting stories." He even added, "It's no secret I've been asked to be taken out of some shows, and I think they have been considering it."

Still, O'Connor was aware of Archie Bunker's status as a television icon, even before All in the Family had officially wrapped. However, he argued that it wasn't because people looked at Archie and saw Carroll O'Connor; it was because they looked at Archie and saw someone they knew in their everyday life.

The actor said, "I'm sure that the success of the show is due to Archie's recognizability. Archie's a character that every American knows."

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Sooner 2 months ago
"Carroll O'Connor once said that ''All in the Family'' could have gone on without Archie Bunker"

Avie 2 months ago
"[O'connor] was also incredibly supportive of the series as a whole, as well as his fellow castmates like Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, and Rob Reiner.'

"Fellow castmates" = redundant.
Wiseguy70005 2 months ago
O'Connor only missed the almost three episodes by threats to leave just once...other later episodes he missed or made a cameo appearance was due to requirements of the script.
forthekids 2 months ago
I could care less..if"All In The Family"continued with or without The "Archie Bunker"character..I've seen the series..It's vulgar, angry and unfunny. By's time to cancel this promotion of bigotry.
Wiseguy70005 forthekids 2 months ago
"Couldn't" care less...unless you like saying the opposite of what you mean.
George58 2 months ago
REALLY MeTV, Are you that desperate for viewers that you almost have to have AITF for almost every quiz? But then again, the show sucks!! So the push is on. Past comments on the other quiz mentioned that MeTV is biased when it comes to M*A*S*H. I think you can throw AITF in there too. Like M*A*S*H, having it on for TWO hours!! To me, that's pushing it. Bring back the Perry Mason TV Movies & get rid of this awful show.
Thacket George58 2 months ago
You are so wrong, All in the Family and M*A*S*H are two of the greatest shows ever made. Keep it up MeTV!
George58 Thacket 2 months ago
I NEVER said I had a problem with M*A*S*H. I was referring to all the negative comments about it on the quiz where the best episode won. You're entitled to your opinion & I'm entitled to MINE. AITF SUCKS!!
Thacket George58 2 months ago
Ok, thanks for clearing that up.
Runeshaper 2 months ago
I'm not sure if the show really could have gone out without him. I feel like they'd have to replace him with some other relative, and that still wouldn't guarantee success.
McGillahooala 2 months ago
The show would not have survived without Archie. That is ridiculous and he knew it when he said it. These flakey types either think the world can’t get by without them or go on some self-deprecating kick that they are unnecessary. Why not just make good entertainment and try to not sound like a nut when you get interviewed.
WordsmithWorks 2 months ago
There's no way the show would have had the same success without Archie Bunker. All four core characters were needed for that special chemistry that made "All In The Family" great. How well did "Gloria" do? Even "Archie Bunker's Place" was meh. And does anybody really remember "704 Houser Street?" Archie, Dingbat, Meathead, and Archie's Little Girl together made the show the icon it was/is.
DocForbin 2 months ago
I don't know about anyone else but AITF certainly didn't last too much longer after Reiner and Struthers left, morphing into Archie Bunker's Place in 1979. I wasn't too crazy about Danielle Brisbois character and the handwriting was really on the wall after Stapleton left after the first season of ABP. Furthermore, neither the ABP spin-off Gloria or the ABP follow-up 704 Hauser lasted a full season. The more recent Live in Front of a Studio Audience remakes of a couple of AITF episodes were all right but I kind of lost interest in that when I found out that Jennifer Aniston (of all people!) was going to play Blair in that final special that remade an episode of The Facts of Life. I certainly didn't like Aniston in Friends and I thought she was an interloper for taking over Lisa Whelchel's portrayal of the character (and speaking of which I do like Whelchel on Collector's Call and I do admit I did have crushes on Blair and Jo back in the day; so I had a thing for bad girls--whether they were rich or poor--back when I was a kid LOL).
forthekids DocForbin 2 months ago
There was no reason to do those stupid tv remakes of "All In The Family","The Jeffersons" or even"The Facts Of Life"..Mr.Lear shouldn't have done those stupid tv specials..he should have realized that these shows have had their days in the's time to retire this junk.
Wiseguy70005 DocForbin 2 months ago
Gloria DID last a full season. Technically so did 704 Hauser because they showed all the episodes that were contracted to and Three's Company's first season of six episodes.
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