Holy comeback cameo! See Burt Ward return to his role as Robin!

Dick Grayson is still alive and well and walking dogs

The CW / Warner Bros.

The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths has been creating major buzz for months. It's trended on nearly every social media platform you can name, spawned dozens of speculation articles, and has every DC Comics fan talking about who will get out alive.

The very first scene showed that the creators know how to acknowledge their roots with a handful of awesome cameos. Robert Wuhl appears again as his character Alexander Knox from the 1989 Batman film, on an earth cleverly called Earth-89. Then, a few newer cameos as Jason Todd and Hank Hall (Robin and Hawk) show up on Earth-9. Viewers might recognize them from the DC Universe streaming series Titans.

But the biggest cameo by far comes on Earth-66… get it? Earth-66? Like Batman 1966?

Burt Ward, strolling by in a very Dick Grayson–esque vintage V-neck sweater, walks a dog when the sky begins to turn red and ominous. He looks up, and exclaims "Holy crimson skies of death!"

Ward is no stranger to working with big dogs. He has his own line of dog food for large breeds, Gentle Giants Dog Food. "I was the Caped Crusader; now I’m the Canine Crusader," he told us in a 2017 interview.

The CW / Warner Bros.

Check out all the cameos in this video.

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BenSchockley 23 months ago
I want to see Burt Ward play the Penguin!!☔
WinterbloomkLeysha 46 months ago
I do believe that Burt was in the cut scenes twice. He was doing Robin under a Bat signal, but I believe that this image is supposed to be Uncle Dudley of the Shazam Family.
Nah. Uncle Dudley would've said "Great Aunt Lizzie!".
mercurie 54 months ago
Burt let everyone know he would have a cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths months ago, but he wouldn't let us know if he was Robin or not! I think it is pretty clear he was!
Tim mercurie 35 months ago
Because of rights issues I think they had to be a bit coy about it.
Barry22 54 months ago
I was watching that, it was great!
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